Oct 8, 2014

October Photo Challenge - Day 8 - Angle

So a funny thing happened today when I set out to take this photo!

I was lamenting to my bff and her sister about how today's prompt was not so inspiring.  I'm not sure if any of you have noticed but in photography, angles are really my thing!! I often have an off kilter photo, a shot taken at an odd angle or my newest favourite - overhead shots!!!

So, I was just commenting on how I didn't know what to do for today...that since I always take angle shots...that maybe I should just take a picture of an isosceles triangle!

I laughed....then my bff's sister points down by my feet....

And I laughed that much harder...for there lay this;

right angle isosceles triangle!


Tomorrow - Day 9 - RED



  1. Hahaha! There are many reasons I love you but your sense of humour is near the top :) great pic!

  2. That is totally funny!! I am sorry that I'm so behind on this one... I forgot to post my "angle"... and well... here, it is.


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