Nov 17, 2014

Muskoka Adventures 2014

Ah back to the Muskokas again!! And what welcomed us this year to the Muskoka Bible Centre...??

Snow!! Lots and lots, of much to early, snow!  We couldn't believe it!!  Home was dry, cool, but very much fall! But as we neared the Muskokas things started to change.  There was a lovely dusting of snow on the trees as we drove and most of the drive felt like we were traveling through a real life Christmas card!  We arrived with nary a trouble - quite different then last years travels!  We even stopped and enjoyed a hour lunch break, since we were making such good time!

And there was MBC, waiting and ready for us!  The ladies running the event even remembered us from last year!! ...not sure if that is a good or bad thing!  *wink*  lol!!!

We went with no real expectations - seeing as last year....well it was sorta...monumental.  And though this year was just about every way, it was amazing all the same!

The staff was just as fantastic and lovely!  They had a group of these adorable German intern youth that I just wanted to bring home as my own!  Especially this one young lad, who I swear looked like a grown up version of my Joe!!  The accommodations were lovely and had electricity - a bonus! hahaha!  There were lovely ladies to meet and chat with but sadly our acquaintances from last year where no where to be seen.  And the food...ohhhh, the MBC was amazing....

Those cinnamon buns...ummmm...I don't have words!! Seriously!!! I don't even like cinnamon buns but these Muskoka buns....I'd eat a dozen, at least...!!! 
But that wasn't all the food that was amazing...because the spiritual food - was out of this world! ;)
Last year, I was hit more with a reality check.  A reminder of how awesome and mighty my saviour is and how much I need Him in my life.  But this year was more of a collection of answers to many prayers.  Answers in one way but also, after coming home and meditating on them for some time - I realized they were answers that now I have to figure out what to do with them.

The speaker was Sheila Wray Gregoire.  She is an blogger, author and speaker and I think she's quite amazing at all three!!  I guess she is well known as being the Christian sex lady but I didn't know that before and that wasn't what she spoke on while we were at Muskoka.  But I have checked out her blog and I think she writes very well and extremely biblically on the subject of sex and marriage - so if you're looking for a good resource I would highly recommend her!!

But the conference was titled, "No Strings Attached".  It focused on a lot of who God is and how that impacts us and our view of ourselves and our lives.  I came away with many points and biblical truths that have continued to sink deep within and that God is using to reshape me, my thoughts and my life.

I  could probably write a whole good spiel all that I learned there and maybe I will in subsequent posts - and as the things play out in my daily life.  But for now, I'm just going to ramble the rest of this post about the actual weekend.

So we met some nice ladies, enjoyed amazing food - yes, both physical and spiritual, drank oodles of coffee...again, had a fantastic ride there and a scary, snow storm, in the dark, craziest back roads you can think of ride home.  My Besty and I basically talked from the moment we woke until the moment our heads hit the pillows...much too late...and the entire ride there and home again.  And yes; we even made a snowman!

Sorry...a snowwoman!  Olga was her name and she came over with those sweet German interns. lol!!  Yes there was that much snow and we are still that young at heart! 

One thing that I love most about these trips is the bonding time I get with my friend.  It is such a great time of connecting!!  It's funny how people think of us as so similar when in fact we are quite different!  We do share many interests, so that is great but personality wise we are very opposite! In fact she is very much like my husband and I like hers - it's kinda weird...! But these trips, alone, together, is a wonderful time of strengthening our friendship all while surrounding ourselves in God.

I'm am so thankful for my BFF and I cherish our friendship more then words can say! 


So two for two, Muskoka - namely our time at MBC, has hit my heart, soul and mind pretty powerfully.  I feel, so much, that this time in the 'wilderness' is essential and I encourage others to look to making time for things like this as well.  It doesn't have to be entire weekends or hours away from home - but focused time, surrounding and surrendering ones self to God!

And yes, we are already planning on next year!



  1. Wow!! that sounds so wonderful - and fun!! So refreshing!! I think it's great that you get to do the same sort of thing with a consistent friend in your life. Stacy just seems so awesome. I can't wait to meet her...
    You're right!! this is something to consider doing and making be a reality of my own life. A consistent time away and with the challenge of growing, too.

    I totally recognized the speakers' name... before you explained anything about her. My friend Abby (who has guest posted a time or two on my blog who also lives in Hungary - and who was here in the states over the summer; I babysat her kids a lot...) LOVES her and talks of her often..

    Small world. And, then there is the
    Lovely Olga!! She melts my heart!

    PS: I'll make you cinnamon buns and you WILL be a believer for sure!! actually, I should have my sister make them.... anyhoo..


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