Nov 25, 2014

Pretty in Pink - A Sweet Baby Girl's Room

Well, seeing as my littlest Little just turned SIX MONTHS!!!! That's half a year people!! Crazy!  Anywaaays.....yes, I thought to "celebrate" I'd share pictures of her sweet baby room!  I did mention a while back that I would...and it seems I have finally gotten around to doing so...better late then never!

So here it is, in all it's pinkness!

This room as a few stories to tell! What do I do that doesn't usually have a story...really...why do I always have stories to tell....*sigh* LOL!!!  First off, I never intended for it to be pink! Actually I had a whole Pinterest board going, "Alice's Oasis", I called it and all the rooms were basically white or soft creamy colours.  But then, one day, while at the local Big Box Home store I saw these three pinks side by side by side...and I was in love!
And from that moment on I had my colour scheme and my design in mind...and my Pinterest board, got deleted!

I didn't have much to use for Alice's room and we didn't really want to/have lots o'money to spend on other then paint (which between the walls and floors, cost us dear enough) most things in this room are either very inexpensive or free, and most we already had on hand! (YAY!)

Oh...except for this one piece of art.  I saw it and knew it was exactly what her room needed!!  It was perfect and so I splurged, just a little, for it - coming in around $40.  Not bad...but more then I would usually spend on art for us!

Isn't that just adorable!?!?! I LOVE it!! It's precious...just like the little lady who sleeps here!  The other piece of art by her crib was from a friend who was just going to get rid of it and as for the crib...we stole that from Joe!

Next in this pretty pink place, is the dresser corner.  This sweet antique cost us all of $15!! The lamp, the base was from one we had kicking around that we revived with some spray paint and the shade, a steal from Target (steal as in good deal...not pilfered! HAHA!) which I added the pink ribbon accent to.  The picture frame was from the grocery store and it was very ugly and plastic but a quick coat of spray paint and it looks almost like porcelain!  The basket and mirror we had around and two of the toys once belonged to my older gals and two are new for Alice.  The shelves where in the house when we bought it.  The book basket, I got for free - I bough her rug at a yard sale and the man through in the basket for free! (YAY!)

And the other side of the room.  Another $15 yard sale find...the desk!  I didn't take a close up of the knobs but they are lion heads, it's really neat!  This desk has found many 'homes' in our house over the years and is working well for a change table at the moment.  The've seen it before but we moved it from the living room to here - it was a second hand find as well....$40!  I know!! Crazy eh!?!?  And since I haven't gotten around to picking up a laundry basket for this wee lady, we are using an old handmade basket that my step-mom gave us.

The shelf, another of those come together and I love it even more pieces!!  First the back part - just the part against the wall.  That I found at this great little store that I love!! It was just there...I had no idea what it was or what I would use it for but I KNEW I needed it!!  When I brought it home I thought that it would be perfect in Alice's room...just not sure how....then my hubby said he could make it into a shelf and he even had wood that matched it...exactly!!!!
And the little piece of art there is something I made with some left over wall paper (from my wall project) and a(nother) spray painted frame.


My mother-in-law found the perfect pillow at a silent auction for this darling space and all the delay on posting this.  I retook the chair photo with the pillow but I have been waiting for a sunny day and a day when I have been home, to take it! hahaha! I'm terrible...I know!  But I love it and it looks so cute in there!

As for the long piece of art over the chair.  That's one I made as well.  I've been working more with mixed medium lately and am loving it!  I believe my sister-in-law wants to get into it more as well but we both have wee ones, so finding the time isn't always easy!  She and I used to get together once a week for an art night but that was before she was married and I only with one babe in the house...but I'd love to try to set up some more focused time for art again!  I'll have to see if she'll join me!  This piece, I feel, needs a bit more reworking...all I know is it needs lace...somewhere, somehow!


And so that sums up most of Alice's pretty in pink room!  A few more details, again mostly things we had or I made.  The tie back are made from paper, the nightlight was a gift from someone a looong time ago, the door knob was already on the closet door and the picture in the frame was ordered, for free, from Shutterfly.  It has Lamentations 3:22 on it.  I had mentioned before how I never did this with my older gals, I never did embrace all the pink, girly ideas for a room, so I had a LOT of fun creating this one!


OH and the best part of it all.  That while we were busy painting the floor, we had to remove an old board that was blocking a hole.  We intended to put in a new floor grate but needed it out while painting.  Once the floor was dried, I was eager to get to the walls.  We worked away at them and then came the time to do the stripe around the room.  I was marking it out and had just finished, when I took a step and before I knew what was happening....

. foot (and thus my entire leg) was through that hole and sticking down into the living room below!  All I could hear was my Olivia exclaiming, "That's MOMMY!!"

Yes....go ahead and laugh.

My best friend did when I told her. 

Oh she laughed.


And it was funny....a few weeks later when the ginormous bruise began to heal! 

And so...those are the stories that go with Alice's room, to date!  I hope you enjoyed the little tour and maybe were inspired to find inexpensive and free ways to be creative and have fun...and if that isn't your thing then that's fine and dandy!  Just put on the coffee and call me over! I'll be happy to get creative for you!!

And...really...can we have a post about Alice's room and not show at least one picture of her and all her adorableness!?!


Six fast is that!?!


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  1. Alice's room is adorable. Good job on the photos too. Like looking at a magazine. Love, MAG


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