Dec 31, 2014

Christmas, Blogging and a New Year

And just like that, the Christmas season is over!


What fun we had though!!  Even if it was the first green Christmas since the year before Olivia was born! But that didn't hold back our Christmassy feelings!  Having the girls home has been great, especially because Dave is off so we all got to enjoy their break together!  And unlike the song, we are not already waiting for school to start again....even if these gals took it upon themselves to dress like little hipsters this season....


....maybe there's a little more 'city' in these girls then I realize?!?!

We had family in on Christmas eve and on Boxing day and then went to Dave's side of the family on the Saturday.  My brother and his wife could not make it home for the holidays but sent gifts that the kids got to open earlier on Christmas eve - a great way to keep them happy and busy while I prepared food for my mom and her husband later that night.


Our Christmas morning came...not so early actually....I think we slept in until about 7:30! A treat for us with these Littles of ours!  We tourtured them by making them wait until after breakfast to open gifts!  I loooove drawing it out like that!  And, for the second year, we had no where to go and no one coming that day so we could take as long as we liked!


And though I tried hard to cut back (see my post here) I still might have....technically tied together two or three gifts...making them one...for their gifts under the tree! I was suppose to be only ONE but I'm learning...I am...cutting step style! lol!


So the kiddos got plenty of gifts...not too much...I think...but they had fun and were very excited!!! And even Alice got right into all of it, after her nap that is!  We had the bigger kids open their stockings and presents and while they were busy enjoying their new goodies, Dave and I had our gift exchange.  Alice woke up after and had fun opening...and munching on her gifts.

I can't believe we just celebrated her first Christmas!  It doesn't feel that long ago we did this with Joseph...though I guess it wasn't really...still, how fast these kiddos are growing!

And yes, I found time to get a few more festive activities in, mostly pertaining to baking for gifts for family.   Last year, after Christmas, my hubby was at the store and picked up (on super clearance sale) the best little gingerbread cookie cutter.  It makes the cut-outs for baking up mini gingerbread houses...and so I have been waiting almost a year to use it!!  And use it I did! Pumping out fourteen of these babies....much to the dismay of my wrists! (later learning that I was using too much icing in my icing bag! duh!)


Aren't they adorable?  And my lens cap is there to give you an idea of the size, they were about two inches in height but seriously tall on the tasty factor!!!

So that sums up the happenings for the past week.  And now, the new year is on the horizon and with that, marks the fifth 'birthday' of my blog!  January first, five years ago I started plunking away words and images in this little corner of the internet.  I find it hard to believe that I am entering my sixth year of blogging....or more so of rambling! lol!

I have tossed around the idea of whether to continue it or readership seems to have quieted down...or at least those that comment and no, I don't just blog for the readers or the comments but they certainly are encouraging.  I do, however, realize the true significance of what my little blog has done.  It has created a record for me of the last five years....more so the last three, where I really opened up and made it more personal...but a wonderful record of the life of my family for a half decade.  It has been a testimate to the workings of God in our lives, both the big and small and our struggles, joys, and everything else in between!

And not only does this space provided a running record of our lives but it has also brought me a dear friendship!  One that I treasure up dearly! ;)  I also have found great encouragement at the fact that, despite my average to poor English marks in school, I find that I enjoy writing and on occasion, I'm not too bad at it either! hahaha!

And so the new year is fast approaching and in the fashion of most since adding to our family, we will have a quite night at home.  I look forward to the new year, as I often do, with it's fresh start feeling and the sense of endless possibilities!  I do plan to continue to blog...not sure what it will look like, if I will change formats, feelings...or just keep on keeping on, with my various rambles and notions.  

I feel that 2015 should be a year of me getting more serious about things....maybe being a bit more intentional about....everything! lol!  I have high hopes that both encourage and overwhelm me, but I will take it all, one day at a least I'll try to!

And well, the kids are outside waiting and Dave is getting the baby in her snow suit so we can go take a walk on this gorgeously sunny, last day of 2014.  So I leave you all with a prayer of much joy and blessings for a year that brings you ever closer to our Lord!   

Love to all!!!

- Kaitlin



  1. Well, I for one enjoy your blogs immensely so keep it up! I woke this morning (after 3 hours of sleep) and thanked God for the opportunity to walk with Him for yet another year. What a gift. I want to use it wisely. Blessings to your little family. Love, MAG

  2. Love this...

    Your blog is one I certainly treasure!! and I'm glad you're keeping on with it - however it may be!! I need the comradery. :)

    Blessings to you and yours today and great photo there of the kids there at the end. Love it!!

    Our Grandma Susie (Scott's mom) is here for a few days - from NY. :) so, I'm off to go enjoy!!

  3. A year to get more serious about things - that sounds good! I read a blog recently about being realistic and choosing goals that are accomplish-able (is that a word?) and will fit with your honest lifestyle. I like that! Here's to changes and discipline and new accomplishments in the year ahead!
    (by His grace)

    And I would miss your writing if you decided to shut down, please keep it up! :) I know what you mean about feeling like the blogosphere is quieting down and wondering if it's worth it, but as long as you're enjoying it and it's beneficial to you that's the important thing :)

  4. Thanks Ladies!! I can usually count on one of you three to encourage/poke your head in on my little blog here! Blessings to you all in the New Year and I'll keep on rambling away for your amusement! ;) hahah!

  5. Sweet pictures! Love the gingerbread houses. :)


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