Dec 22, 2014

Cranking Out Christmas

Only three more sleeps people!! Oh what fun we have been having this Christmas season! We've been merry making the whole month long, partaking in all sorts of Christmassy fun and really soaking up the season!

And in no particular order here are some of the highlights of the month:

Our girls' school Christmas play!  LOVED IT!!  It was called "Christmas in Black and White" and it was adorable!  My gals were apart of the penguin chorus as they are too little to have speaking parts.  The play is super sweet and has a great gospel message!  My sweet little Ladies did amazing, especially our Olivia who was old enough to be apart of every song and who certainly knew all the words and actions! 


And no, my Catherine did not 'steal' the show this year - she kept her socks on and did not pick out lint from between her toes! (see last year's post if you want a refresher on that! lol!)  And my favourite part of the whole production was after the evening show when they closed the night in prayer!  It was just beautiful!

Our house was more full for the last week or so.  My mom's two dogs were staying with us while she and her husband were on vacation for two weeks.  All I will say is that it was a great chance to confirm my thoughts that we do NOT need a dog any time soon!  My sister was staying at my mom's and took care of the pups for the first part of their time away....but we had the dogs for ten days which was long enough...a nice treat for the kids but it was great to be able to send them back home at the end of  it all!

Joseph insisted that the dogs have their treats served on a plate! lol!


My sister was here for a few days as a stop over before travelling back to BC.  She and her boyfriend had moved to Ontario five months ago but things didn't work out quite as well as they would have liked and apparently the pull of the West has won (for now!).  So she and her boyfriend have just completed the five day venture back to B.C.  I'm sad that they went, but I know it's what they need right now....but I will in no way relent on enticing them to return! *wink!*

I've been busy being crafty this year.  From the oodles of decorations around the home, to baking, chocolate making, creating and sewing, it's been busy but fun!  I made three festive pillow covers in one afternoon.  Easy peasy, envelope style ones and all for super cheap!  All three were made mostly with fabric I had on hand and also using some tea towels I purchased at the dollar store! 

Two of the pillow covers I made and my paper Noel sign that I created a few years back.


One crafty project I did was with two dear gal pals of mine, my besty and the third component to our trio of trouble!   It was something I had wanted to do for some time now but hadn't actually gotten around to it.  So when my sweet friend suggested we get together and get busy I was on board!  Our little project?!  Home made lip balms!

Using only four ingredients, we set to work.  There was a bit of trial and error and a few things we might change for next time but in the end we had some fantastic lip balm!  And one thing you might not know about me (unless you know me outside of blog land) is how much I am addicted love lip balm!

We made two great flavours; a sweet orange, grapefruit and a peppermint one.  They are all natural and feel amazing, they didn't take that long to make them and it was a great team effort!!  And in the end we all had oodles of balms to give away...or keep!

The kids are super excited for Christmas this year, even Joe...though I know he doesn't 'get it' exactly.  One of my favourite traditions we have as a family is our our annual, hot chocolate and light watching tour.  We make (or buy) hot chocolate (or something else for mom and dad!) and load everyone into the van.  We put on the Christmas tunes and then drive around "ooing" and "awwing" at all the lights.  It was loads of fun and with it being such a mild winter this year, it felt like there were more lights then ever!

Breakfast one morning this month - all four of them,
 bright eyed and chipper and it wasn't even light out yet! 

I really enjoyed decorating this year...though with hubby still off from work for parental leave we had to watch the dollars a bit more (or should watch the dollars!)  Other then buying four new sets of lights for the tree (because ALL of our other ones had burned out....because I believe it has been a number of years since we bought any new ones) and I spent $5 on the greenery to make the basket on my front porch, I spent no money on decorations.  That might not sound like a big deal to some of you but I love to decorate for Christmas and usually pick up a few new things each year.

Re-purposed and creatively altered decorations!  The greenery is new, but the basket is from last year.
You can see my wreath looking a bit different in this post.  I like a good decorating challenge!


But the house is all festive, cozy and a little more simplified them most years....and even though I'm enjoying all the holiday decore....I'm already looking forward to taking it down and a fresh start for the new year!!  Yeah...I'm strange like that!

If you remember from last year (this post) where I finally got around to a project I had been wanting to do for some time!?1  It was to make, from my girls' baby clothes, Christmas stockings for them.  I loved the final product and how easy they were to make, so I gathered my supplies once again and got to work on a stocking for Joseph!


It too, turned out great (if I do say so myself!).  I love how this idea all came together - even though a baby clothes quilt would have been fun, (my original plan for these articles) this idea is much more realistic for me! lol!  And I love how practical, useful and sentimental these stockings are now!  And Joe likes his stocking too!

So now, next year, I just have to make one for Alice!  I'm already, as she is outgrowing piece, putting some aside with this idea in mind!  

And speaking of my sweet cheeked babe - she's seven months old now!  She's just as much a doll as ever and growing so fast!  She absolutely ADORES her big siblings and refuses to not be apart of anything that we are all doing together.  Which means, even though she's not onto finger foods yet, she insists that she sits with us for every meal! 

She's such a sweet and good baby and I'm really enjoying watching her grow!  I love seeing her eyes light up whenever one of her siblings walks into the room and how intently she wants to be with them and do what they do!  

But one thing little Alice did not get to be apart of was our traditional short bread cookie making.  Actually...we haven't done this one in a couple of years but this year we got back to it.  It was the first year that Joe could help put the cherries on the cookies and he did a pretty good job!


This recipe was my granny's and it's a classic in our home.  My granny always used one of those old fashioned cookie presses to make her shortbread and when my dad was younger he found, for 98 cents at a second hand store, the same cookie press his mom used.  So when he made these cookies with my gals, he would bring his press with him.  When he passed away a couple of years ago... (almost three I asked my step-mom for the press.  My Aunt has my granny's original one but now I have my dad's press.  I'm not quite as good as the 'masters' but I think I did a pretty decent job and I'm happy to officially add this tradition to our family's Christmas celebrations!

This year both of my girls are reading, so it's neat to see so much of the world opening up for them!  Even right down to them reading the gift tags, I love it!  And thankfully too because apparently we bought them a lot of books for Christmas!!  My little Ladies are maturing so much lately, yet they are still very innocent and I treasure that!  I love seeing the people they are becoming!  They are so excited for this Christmas and I am excited for them!

And well...that's a number of the highlights from this busy, joyous, hectic, wondrous, memory making month!  I pray that each of you is wonderfully and amazingly blessed this holiday!  May you enjoy all the good gifts that our God gives to you daily and truly, find joy, in the greatest gift ever given - our saviour Jesus!



  1. Glad you guys are having such a fun, festive month! Looking at these pictures, I find it a little boggling that the girls are getting so old and you have four littles! The time is going so quickly!

    I'm with you in already looking forward to January...I haven't been very inspired this year and our tree is about the only decorating we've done! I do look forward to the holidays but approaching a fresh new year is something I almost get more excited about the older I get! I know, I'm strange! ;)Love you guys and wishing you a Merry Christmas! See you on the 27th :D

  2. What a sweet Christmas Post...

    Love it all - every. single. bit. of it.

    Can't wait till April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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