Jan 18, 2015

Quiet Thoughts for the New Year

Well....for all my talk of deciding to continue on with my blog...I've been neglecting it so far this year!  There are a few reasons...I've been busy, just tidying up after the holidays, re-arranging furniture, getting back into my art and spending time with family and friends.  There was also the fact I had the flu twice, back to back, so that kept me down and out for a while!  And I guess, I have my mind full lately....and I think I want to write it out...but then I get on here, stare into the white square abyss, blink, and shut the computer.

And so folks...I guess my first post of the new year will be simple and sweet...because if I don't post something, I may not do it at all!

The ONE good shot I got - mention in this post - of all four kids!
Can you believe this was taken in the middle of November?!?!


I've been enjoying the days, when we haven't been sick, filling them with simple pleasures and trying to be purposeful with my time...at least most of it!  I can't tell you how eager and excited I am to get back into my art more this year and with the re-arranging of furniture, (mentioned above) I have a lovely, dedicated, studio space!  I kicked the kids out of their zone and took it all for myself! Muahahah!!  *wink* This has moved their place for colouring, crafts and Lego, to the kitchen table and you know what? I love it!!  Now when I'm in there making meals, cleaning up, or whatever, usually some, or all of them, are in there with me now too!  So this is a real win win for all of us!!

My husband has taken to toilet training Joe and hoping to get it done before he has to return to work in a few weeks.  It's been a couple of weeks now and things are progressing....veeeerry slowly, but progressing!  I hear boys are more challenging the girls in this department...and so far that's proving true!

My eldest has been giving us lots of chances to work out new parenting skills.  She's getting older and with that comes more complicated issues....character, emotional, spiritual, issues.  It's tough and she is a particular one, so we never really know if what she does is something she completely understands or if she just doesn't 'get it' fully and therefore can't be held completely responsible. *sigh*  But that's a whole other topic for another time....!  But God is good...I just need to remember to pray more about all of ....about everything!

My other two little Ladies, are doing just fine.  Both getting bigger and both very snugly lately too!  I can't believe my second Little will be six in a couple of months! That's crazy indeed!  And the babe, will be eight months in a couple of days!

And well...that sums up the highlights for me tonight....like I said, simple and sweet!  I feel great anticipation for this year....no idea really why....though a few things have me already excited for the days and months ahead...but that isn't what is fueling my feeling....but we shall see what the year brings.  It could be nothing...! So I'll just take it all one day at a time...that's all you can really do!

Blessings and joy to you all!



  1. I will come see your new space soon! I love hearing about all the busyness in your home. Blessings, MAG

  2. What?!?! you have a lot of something to look forward to. Five new reasons - as a matter of fact!

    Funny. TRUE story. My husband had a dream that I can't tell you about - just yet!! We'll have to save it for later...

    Another thing to look forward to! Oh - and we're having (talking about) rearranging furniture, here, too! AHHHHHHH - can't stand it!

  3. Oh Bevy! Hahaha! Yes MANY good reasons!! FIVE pretty AWESOME ones at that!!!

    Okay, you have to be the most cryptic/suspenseful person I know! You drive me crazy! ;) lol!!!

    Rearranging furniture is FUN!!! I should come help....!

  4. I'm happy you have a studio space set up again!

    And on your eldest...kids seem to like to make sure there's always something for you to be dealing with, hehe. I don't have any advice there as I haven't been through it...except, pray! Ultimately it's God who will reach her heart and cause change on the deepest level, although I get that the tendency in parenting is to want to control results through the right discipline techniques! Praying for more grace for both of you as you seek to show her His love!

    Now what are these few things that have you excited for the months ahead? You're being suspensful now too, lol! ;)

  5. I was looking at this post again and realized you already emphasized the need to pray - how did I miss that the first time? haha so yes, just agreeing with you here :D

  6. Well... that dream... is a story for Scott to share with (you, and) Dave!!

    Kinda funny!! and way better in person, I'm sure!


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