Feb 24, 2015

Too Busy For Work

Well....no...not exactly, not too busy for work...but keeping busy none the less and as I'm composing this post my hubby is at an interview and we're praying it's something that will work for our family! *update: the job was not a fit for our family*

We are still waiting and trusting but remaining idle, we are not!  We are enjoying this extending time together, with praying, planning and plenty of time for play...

First there is a little boy who, it seems, is moving a bit beyond the world of trucks and cars into building, fixing and "reading".  He is big right now on helping with the baby!  He wants to be the one to get her things, pass her things and be the only one to play with her! It's cute...mostly! 

I've had time to create a piece of art to donate to the girls' school for a silent action.  It felt great to be creative in this medium again!  I've been doing so much in the house, wall art, sewing, rearranging, that I've been missing putting paint (and a few other things) to canvas. 

I found out that it did sell at the auction, though I don't know for how much, I do know that my husband's cousin bought it - which is neat!  I at least know it found a good home!

As for my 'big' gals, they have been busy with school and fun.  At school this afternoon, they are putting on a French play and since Dave isn't working (yet?!?!) then he gets to come see it too!  They have been fighting an awful lot lately, I think we need this cold weather to break and the warmer days to come, so I can put them outside to play more! *wink!*  But they are sweet little ladies, who keep growing like weeds!!

So how are we fairing with the no job and everything?!  Well, the severance from Dave's 'ex' employer finally came in, so that should hold us for a few months and thus took some pressure off!  And if that was all God had provided us with, that would have been plenty!

But do you think God stopped there??

No, He did not!  Our God likes to give good gifts and give He has!!

We have been greatly blessed with gifts of food.  Organic milk, eggs and cheese!  There was a grocery bag of fresh lamb from a family we know.  A box of  pantry staples from our church as well as another bag of beef and chicken from an anonymous giver.  We've been given numerous gift cards, all anonymously and all very generously! A family we invited to dinner, graciously brought us food and cleaning supplies, not knowing how I was in need of the exact items they brought!  It's amazing and it's heart warming...to say the least!

And if God had stopped there, that would have been more then wonderful!

But do you think He did???

Because one night, Dave was out and I was sitting at the computer.  I was thinking about the coming months and what we were going to do when the money ran out and if there was no job. (Because yes, I'm human and even in all those blessings I can lose sight *sigh*)  I wasn't forlorn, lost or worried in any great way...more just wanting answers and not wanting to be patient!

So with just being silly, I put into my computer's search engine, "What should we do?".

And when the screen loaded, the first thing that caught my eye was a link for the Kraft Peanut Butter Stick Together Contest.  I read it over.  All they wanted was, in a short paragraph, to tell them what our family does to 'stick together'.  So I plunked away on the keyboard and told them how we love to read together.  How the little ones enjoy picture books, the bigger gals love to practice their reading to anyone who will listen and how Daddy is a master story teller!

Two winners would receive a $5000 family room makeover and then there were 75 gift baskets to be given away (valued at $100) to the runners up!

That's right!!! I won one of the gift baskets!!!  Hahahahah!! It was awesome...it was GOD!!!  The basket was HUGE and packed so full of wonderful goodies!!

I couldn't believe all the things in that big ol' basket!! Joe could have fit in the box it came in!  It was such a personal and loving way for God to tell me, He is here!!  The basket contained all sorts of ingredients to make yummy treats for my family, something God knows I like to do and something we were running in short supply of!  And if that wasn't enough, it even had a board game for the big girls!

I know God is caring for us and I know it will all work out.  We continue to wait and see but while we are waiting, we truly are seeing!  Our God is a personal and loving God!  And yes a five thousand dollar family room make over would have been nice too, (wink!) but I think we will leave our "family room" in the palms of His hand - for there is no better place then that!

For I know the plans I have for you”—this is the Lord’s declaration—“plans for your welfare, not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. You will call to Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:11-13



  1. What a great report... still praying with you and for you!!

    Can't wait to hear what comes of this.

    In the meantime, keep praying for us... still waiting for that paperwork. Would you let us know if it is TOO much, for this whole dream-come-true-to-be?? We are still super stoked about this.. again, as long as this all comes through.

    You are one amazingly artistic soul!! You know that? Very creative...

    And you're kids look great!!

  2. Thanks for sharing how God has been so generous in many different ways. I had to tell you the verse on your artwork is the very three sentences I read yesterday when I was not in the most thankful mood, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Our God is amazing.

  3. Thanks for your newsy and honest report. God is truly answering prayer for your family. I have a co-worker whose husband is out of work and they are stresses beyond belief! They are not believers so would you pray for them and for me as I live out my faith at work? Thanks and I will keep your family in prayer as well. 🙌


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