Mar 28, 2015

March Break Madness - Part 2 - Our Second is Six!!!

The other only 'event' of our gals' March break was our Catherine turning.....


Six, can I believe it!?!  Yes, our second sweet Little is six years old!

As per usual for Birthday's, after their first one, we keep it simple.  Some decorations, a few gifts, cake and what ever family that can make it in that day. (With the rest popping in close to the day)  Outside it was cold, but indoors there was pizza, fizzy drinks, cake, gifts and a very happy and excited Birthday girl!


I had asked Catherine what kind of cake she wanted and she requested, "A vanilla and strawberry one.  I also want a Barbie on the cake and the Barbie's clothes could be made of icing and her real clothes could be the gift!" (insert crazy child laugh after that last sentence! She's a nut sometimes!)

So I obliged....well...mostly....after forgetting she wanted vanilla and baked a chocolate cake instead...but she's a good sport and said that was okay.  Thanks Catherine, you're a doll!  Also using creative license, I switched out icing for my trusty old marshmallow fondant for the "clothes"!

Love.That.Stuff!  If you want the recipe just search "fondant" in the search bar in the upper left hand corner of my blog.  It will pull up a number of the posts where I have used it and one that contains the recipe I use.  

Needless to say, I think, my little gal was happy with her fairy princess cake!

Actually, I'm pretty sure she had forgotten she had even asked for the Barbie cake and so was wonderfully surprised when she saw it!!  I think this was my most fun cake to make!  I'm glad I've tried to keep up my mother-in-law's tradition of fun cakes, not every year has been this elaborate but at least something a little special for the birthday person.  I enjoy putting my own spin on it though, the fun cake, with new ideas and 3D cakes!

So a fun day was had by all...except for the baby who desperately wanted a balloon and every time she got her hands on one we whisked it away from her!  Pooor baby!  But yes, other then that, fun was certainly had!  

Happy Birthday Catherine! 
Our sweet, smiley, snuggly, silly, six year old!!!
We love you!! 


Mar 25, 2015

March Break Madness - Part 1 - Museum Fun!

Our oldest two gals just finished their two week March break and what fun we had! AFTER the first week...well, they had fun on week one but hubby and I, we were sick! UGH!  That nasty chest cold and cough had us drained and down and out! 

But after some R&R we stayed true to our plans and got away for the day to the Nation's Capital and to the Canadian Museum of History which also houses the Children's Museum. 

And so starting later then anticipated, with being sick, our March break madness was off to a grand start!  Starting with the ride up to Ottawa, where as we were driving along we spotted this great storage unit sitting on the side of the road.  Both Dave and I were all, "Turn around!!!"  And we went back to pick it up.  We have been looking for one of these things to use in our entry way to house mittens, hats and whatever but they usually run around of $170 and when we saw it just sitting there, calling to us, we had to pick it up....even IF it meant we considered leaving the stroller on the side of the road to fit it in the van!  But no, hubby worked some packing 'magic' and fit both the stroller and storage bin thingy in!  

So the girls miiight have been a tad..squished...ish....just a tad...  but packed away everything was and off we were again!

When we arrived the museum was busy! They had an around the world exhibit where the kids got "passports" that they could stamp at each location.  There were activities, hands on learning materials, videos, costumes, and a bunch of other things for them to enjoy!  

Even the baby was thrilled with all the action!

We took it all in!  ALL.OF.IT!  We got a free library pass and 'brown bagged' our lunch, so other then gas and parking it was a relatively inexpensive day - and we made the most of it!  We were there over two hours and the older three kiddos never stopped go, go, going...


They loved it all!  Olivia and Joe were a bit overwhelmed by the crowds, at first, but our Catherine, she just 'dove' right in!  They ran from one thing to the next, playing, exploring and just having a grand ol' time...except for the baby, who eventually grew quite tired of it all....


Poor bean!  She did eventually fall asleep, which was good because the other three were not done having fun!  There were more stamps to collect in passports, a mural that Olivia thought we should paint in our house, a 'rock wall' that needed re-building and an entire room of Bob the Builder things and activities!

And when Dave and I were tired and hungry we dragged them out to eat lunch and then pack them back into the car for the long ride home!  They yammered away while we ventured through construction, detours and arguing with our GPS, talking about all the fun they had.  But by the time we hit the open highway there was silence in the back seats....


Other then the baby....she was ready to go again!


Mar 13, 2015

Writings and Winter Waning

I started my last post with the question of whether anyone reads through their old blog posts or if I was alone on that boat....but apparently, I'm just alone on the whole reading blogs all together! lol!! It's just that it seems awfully quite in blog land these days!

I was reading another blog, the other day, and the writer there stated the same feelings!  Alluding to other forms, faster forms, of 'connecting' with people being the draw away from the once more popular blogging.  She did touch on how, though, blogging is truly the platform for writing!

I have contemplated joining the world of speed posting, Instagram, Twitter and what-have you...I'm so not up to date on these things - but then I ask why?  I like my little blog corner and though I'm sadden by the emptier feelings it has these days, I do still enjoy putting pixels on screen and working out thoughts, recording memories and connecting with a few good friends! I like the growth this piece of cyber space has given me and I love more then anything the walks down memory lane it takes me on!


And so I'm here, plunking away tonight, hubby busying himself with some work in the basement because there is still no gainful employment to be found.  There is still silver lining and hope!  Hope on the possibility for call-backs from a couple of interviews and silver lining in that he is home while our older two gals on are March break!

So, between fighting this nasty head and chest cold, (that only hubby and I have contracted so far, thankfully!) we have been having some family fun!  Especially because it has finally warmed up enough to get out and enjoy what's left of the winter!

Our side yard is all hill and it's the perfect tobogganing hill for our little people!  We'll get a number of years of use out of it yet and we hear, once they out-grow this hill of ours, that there is a monster hill just at the end of our road!  Maybe I'll hold off telling them about that one!

And when the snow fun is over, we have been enjoying delicious soups and stews, even, pictured here, tried my hand at lamb stew...which was fabulous!  I've also been having fun with making home made bread, sans bread machine -thinking of ditching mine all together now!  Funny because I never thought I'd be the home made bread kind of gal but I'm liking it a lot but not so much the machine kinds....not to mention I think my machine is on it's way out all the same! lol!!

 Olivia and Catherine got to get away for a sleep over at their Granny's house.  Where I hear much fun was had and even some sleep too!  We hope to take the kids to a museum next week, as our gals have two whole weeks off and we might as well enjoy the fact that Dave can join us for the activities!  Catherine will turn SIX at the end of next week and then it will be back to school before we know it!

Because even though all these things are happening, I and a few other people were just commenting today how it only feels like the first of the month!  I can't believe Spring is only a week away!

I'm excited though!  Excited to open the windows, to smell the green coming forth, to hear the birds and feel the change in the wind!  I'm shocked how early Easter is this year though! I know I'm not ready for that at all! Ugh!

And so things just..are, around here.  Mostly just quite because, honestly, this cold is killer!  I can't explain it but both hubby and I are drained...and yet the weird thing was, as tired as I am, last night it was all I could do to even get in three hours of sleep - and not consecutively!   And believe it or not, I don't even feel tired today.....strange, strange cold this is!?!

Any ways, I hope all is well with those of you who stop in here.  Keep cozy but get ready for the warmer days that are a coming!!!


Mar 1, 2015

Reminiscings and Ramblings

Does anyone else ever read their own blog?  I do....I get a real kick out of it...which is funny to me because on the rare occasions I did keep a journal growing up, it was the going back and rereading things that made me not want to have a journal!  I hated how things sounded, reading them again but, for whatever reason, I enjoy looking back at various posts here and reminiscing.

Anyone with me?


I don't know, maybe it is a common thing, maybe all bloggers do it?!  I do know that I do, and I enjoy it!  That was what I was doing tonight which inspired me to put text to box.

I think it is mostly because this little space of mine here has been such a wonderful record or our family life!  I look back at the photos, of chubby cheeked kids, and think how much they've grown, changed and how it all doesn't seem that long ago!

I giggle at the countless times I wrote about drives in the country....I should count them up for you sometime....I wrote about that a lot!! And now, we drive through the country daily! HA!  God is good!  You know, I think I never really imagined this would happen.  That we would actually one day move to the country!

But we're here and I don't think I could be happier!

I am anxious for Spring, though I guess, who isn't really!?!  I wasn', I didn't mind the Winter so much....until about Tuesday...yeah, by this past Tuesday I was just done!  Done with the cold, done with the snow, done!

So Spring can come now, thank you!

I did get out for a walk the other day with my two littlest Littles.  As I posted on Facebook, "getting a toddler dressed in a full snow suit should be an Olympic sport!" HA!  But dressed he was and stuffed into a snow suit she was and off we went down the road!

It was glorious!

The sun was warm, beaming, glowing, add in your own adjective, it was lovely!  We went and visited my neighbour/friend and spent the afternoon there while Hubby was chopping wood with a fellow from our church.

I almost tried for another Olympic gold medal the next day...but toddler boy needed a nap....and so...that was the end of that!

Speaking of hubby, no, still no job.  He had that interview, that was just crazy!  The hours were terrible...unless you don't like your family or church...then they might have been okay?!?!  He went to a job fair the other evening and it went well.  They said it would be a couple of weeks before anyone heard anything...though Dave said there was probably close to a hundred people there.

But God is good.

And so we have been keeping busy.  A few projects on the go around the house, trying to watch the monies though.  Don't you just hate how time and money are completely at odds with one another?!  As in when you have time you have no money and when you have money you have no time!  It's quite annoying really!

But we're doing what we can with what we have been given!

So far, my thoughts on 2015 are panning whole, I'm anticipating the year, both eager and nervous for it...kinda get it now...hind sight eh!?!  We are taking this whole no job thing quite well...and sometimes I wonder if that's a good thing?  I know God will provide, I know He will!  I don't know when, how or what it will look like....just that, He will.  So maybe it's okay that we have cast our cares on Him and left them there?!  I just can't shake the feeling He's got this, (and yes I know He's got this!)  but it's the feeling that for the first time, I truly trust that....

...let's see if I'm still saying that when the money runs out!  :P


Our little Ladies did an amazing job in their French play and I think I caught the drift of most of it! hahah! So, no, if you're wondering, I do not speak French!  If that's one of your Canadian folk lore rumours, you can forget it - most of the people I know, do not speak French!  But yes, the girls, they were super cute and I was so proud of our Olivia, she was the 'star' of their little show!

I just realized was informed that there is only one more week until March break!  FUN!!!  My gals will be off for two whole weeks!  AND in that time, my second Little will turn SIX!! *GASP!* It can't be...six!  How is that possible....let's not talk about that yet....I still have time....

So is the post you get after I stroll down memory lane for a bit, hahahah!  The nostalgic feeling, late evening, cosy under a blanket, ramblings of a content Momma.  I know not all is right in the world, that people, even ones near and dear to me, are hurting in some form and in a way, our own little family is in limbo and not sure of what lies ahead but for tonight, I am content.

I am content in my God, in what He has given and what He has taken away.  I hope I can keep this focus as the days continue on and our faith is constantly being stretched and strengthened.   I hope and I pray!



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