Mar 28, 2015

March Break Madness - Part 2 - Our Second is Six!!!

The other only 'event' of our gals' March break was our Catherine turning.....


Six, can I believe it!?!  Yes, our second sweet Little is six years old!

As per usual for Birthday's, after their first one, we keep it simple.  Some decorations, a few gifts, cake and what ever family that can make it in that day. (With the rest popping in close to the day)  Outside it was cold, but indoors there was pizza, fizzy drinks, cake, gifts and a very happy and excited Birthday girl!


I had asked Catherine what kind of cake she wanted and she requested, "A vanilla and strawberry one.  I also want a Barbie on the cake and the Barbie's clothes could be made of icing and her real clothes could be the gift!" (insert crazy child laugh after that last sentence! She's a nut sometimes!)

So I obliged....well...mostly....after forgetting she wanted vanilla and baked a chocolate cake instead...but she's a good sport and said that was okay.  Thanks Catherine, you're a doll!  Also using creative license, I switched out icing for my trusty old marshmallow fondant for the "clothes"!

Love.That.Stuff!  If you want the recipe just search "fondant" in the search bar in the upper left hand corner of my blog.  It will pull up a number of the posts where I have used it and one that contains the recipe I use.  

Needless to say, I think, my little gal was happy with her fairy princess cake!

Actually, I'm pretty sure she had forgotten she had even asked for the Barbie cake and so was wonderfully surprised when she saw it!!  I think this was my most fun cake to make!  I'm glad I've tried to keep up my mother-in-law's tradition of fun cakes, not every year has been this elaborate but at least something a little special for the birthday person.  I enjoy putting my own spin on it though, the fun cake, with new ideas and 3D cakes!

So a fun day was had by all...except for the baby who desperately wanted a balloon and every time she got her hands on one we whisked it away from her!  Pooor baby!  But yes, other then that, fun was certainly had!  

Happy Birthday Catherine! 
Our sweet, smiley, snuggly, silly, six year old!!!
We love you!! 



  1. And - my hubby thought I was creative and artsy... and stuff... he was just blown away by this cake...idea!!

    You're amazing!! See you in three days!!!

  2. You totally ARE creative and artsy - seriously that fondant is like working with play-doh! It's easy and FUN! You should give it a try! :D



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