Mar 1, 2015

Reminiscings and Ramblings

Does anyone else ever read their own blog?  I do....I get a real kick out of it...which is funny to me because on the rare occasions I did keep a journal growing up, it was the going back and rereading things that made me not want to have a journal!  I hated how things sounded, reading them again but, for whatever reason, I enjoy looking back at various posts here and reminiscing.

Anyone with me?


I don't know, maybe it is a common thing, maybe all bloggers do it?!  I do know that I do, and I enjoy it!  That was what I was doing tonight which inspired me to put text to box.

I think it is mostly because this little space of mine here has been such a wonderful record or our family life!  I look back at the photos, of chubby cheeked kids, and think how much they've grown, changed and how it all doesn't seem that long ago!

I giggle at the countless times I wrote about drives in the country....I should count them up for you sometime....I wrote about that a lot!! And now, we drive through the country daily! HA!  God is good!  You know, I think I never really imagined this would happen.  That we would actually one day move to the country!

But we're here and I don't think I could be happier!

I am anxious for Spring, though I guess, who isn't really!?!  I wasn', I didn't mind the Winter so much....until about Tuesday...yeah, by this past Tuesday I was just done!  Done with the cold, done with the snow, done!

So Spring can come now, thank you!

I did get out for a walk the other day with my two littlest Littles.  As I posted on Facebook, "getting a toddler dressed in a full snow suit should be an Olympic sport!" HA!  But dressed he was and stuffed into a snow suit she was and off we went down the road!

It was glorious!

The sun was warm, beaming, glowing, add in your own adjective, it was lovely!  We went and visited my neighbour/friend and spent the afternoon there while Hubby was chopping wood with a fellow from our church.

I almost tried for another Olympic gold medal the next day...but toddler boy needed a nap....and so...that was the end of that!

Speaking of hubby, no, still no job.  He had that interview, that was just crazy!  The hours were terrible...unless you don't like your family or church...then they might have been okay?!?!  He went to a job fair the other evening and it went well.  They said it would be a couple of weeks before anyone heard anything...though Dave said there was probably close to a hundred people there.

But God is good.

And so we have been keeping busy.  A few projects on the go around the house, trying to watch the monies though.  Don't you just hate how time and money are completely at odds with one another?!  As in when you have time you have no money and when you have money you have no time!  It's quite annoying really!

But we're doing what we can with what we have been given!

So far, my thoughts on 2015 are panning whole, I'm anticipating the year, both eager and nervous for it...kinda get it now...hind sight eh!?!  We are taking this whole no job thing quite well...and sometimes I wonder if that's a good thing?  I know God will provide, I know He will!  I don't know when, how or what it will look like....just that, He will.  So maybe it's okay that we have cast our cares on Him and left them there?!  I just can't shake the feeling He's got this, (and yes I know He's got this!)  but it's the feeling that for the first time, I truly trust that....

...let's see if I'm still saying that when the money runs out!  :P


Our little Ladies did an amazing job in their French play and I think I caught the drift of most of it! hahah! So, no, if you're wondering, I do not speak French!  If that's one of your Canadian folk lore rumours, you can forget it - most of the people I know, do not speak French!  But yes, the girls, they were super cute and I was so proud of our Olivia, she was the 'star' of their little show!

I just realized was informed that there is only one more week until March break!  FUN!!!  My gals will be off for two whole weeks!  AND in that time, my second Little will turn SIX!! *GASP!* It can't be...six!  How is that possible....let's not talk about that yet....I still have time....

So is the post you get after I stroll down memory lane for a bit, hahahah!  The nostalgic feeling, late evening, cosy under a blanket, ramblings of a content Momma.  I know not all is right in the world, that people, even ones near and dear to me, are hurting in some form and in a way, our own little family is in limbo and not sure of what lies ahead but for tonight, I am content.

I am content in my God, in what He has given and what He has taken away.  I hope I can keep this focus as the days continue on and our faith is constantly being stretched and strengthened.   I hope and I pray!


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  1. Great post. Yes, God is watching over you. And Joe, you look even more teddybearish with the hat! Lovely photos! Love you all and praying for you. MAG


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