Apr 29, 2015

The Time Has Come

It's too early to be typing here...it's 5:45am when I'm starting this post...why am I up so early??

Because the Lord has answered prayers and my hubby has found employment!  Dave left about twenty minutes ago, which gave me time to sip coffee and read a bit of God's word, a practice I hope to continue more faithfully in these wee early hours.

The particulars of the job?  He works in the same city as before, on the same street even.  It's a factory based job but he's employed in Civil Construction now - which means, he gets to go to work and build things all day!  Yes, pretty much up his alley eh?!  They mostly retrofit these big containers (they look like the backs of transport trucks - I think he said they are called sea-containers?!?!) so yes, they retrofit those into water filtration units, to be used at camps, on islands, where ever needed.

The days start early but he is off at 2:30, plenty of time for him to be able to get anything we need in town and then pick the girls up from school!  The pay is okay, not great but not bad and really, it is what we need, so that is enough!  I'll just remind myself that when I'm "shopping" through the weekend flyers! ;)

And the timing is a gift, a birthday gift!! lol!! Tomorrow is my Dave's birthday - so I think this makes for a pretty nice present!

Truthfully though, this job came with such mixed emotions!  I mean, I am happy he has work and I'm crazy happy that this job will be so much more enjoyable for my sweet hubby!  Something he likes, something he is good at and not in a place full of chemicals!   But it's hard to see him go back....for both of us....for all of us!

It's been just over eleven months that he has been off - first the eight months of parental leave and then the three months unemployed, so this will take some adjusting!  Not of scheduling, or my having to wrangle all four Littles alone each morning, those will come with their own adjustments but nothing compare to the adjustment of time spent!

As a friend joked with me yesterday, "Those are pretty good hours.  He's off early enough to pick up your girls and then you can all just go to bed at the same time!" lol!!

Yes, our evenings have to be...or at least should be, cut much shorter!  4:45am comes pretty early! Ugh!  And with this job my hubby has gone back to five days a week.  Something we haven't seen in a few years!  (Yes, I'm well aware that most people work that much and more but this is my blog and my story! HA! hahaha!)

The adjusting of time spent is more so how we have had such a luxury these past eleven months.  So much time to spend, to enjoy each other and our family!  And no, we are not so romantic that all of that time was sweet, we did use it to hash out some hard truths and work on and through some major issues!  But we had the time, the time to do it all!

We had time to drive the kids to school together and then pick them up at the end of the day.  We had time for morning coffee, mid morning coffee and the occasional afternoon sip too!  There was time for me to heal from the c-section and for him to learn just what it takes to manage a household!  Time for dreaming and renovating!! (more on that one soon! *wink*)  Time to enjoy friends, old and new!  There was time to talk, and more time to "talk" and the occasion time of not talking...because that is good too! ;)   We had late nights, early morning, 'tv' marathons, book reading, attempts at 'sleeping in' and well, lots of time to just sit together and be.

And so, having full time employment does change that and yes, in some ways I think we are both happy for the return of routine but I know the time gained in these past eleven months will be missed!  We have hope in all that the future holds, for what we have learned in the time Dave was off and for all the we anticipate for the days ahead!

And well, the baby is stirring and it's just about time to wake my gals, if they aren't up already, and begin a new day, this new day, in this new season for us.

Thank you for all of your prayers and love!  
You have been an encouragement and a blessing to our family!


Apr 18, 2015

Spring Sinking In

It's officially been Spring for almost a month now but the weather here has been far from Spring-like!  That is, until the last week or so.  Finally the weather has caught up with the calendar and I couldn't be happier!

It was a long winter!!  Not nearly as cold as last year, at least in our opinions, but it certainly was long...and gloomy!  But the last few days have been warm and SUNNY!


I never realize how much I love the sunshine until it's gone for a time and then comes back!  I do love a rainy day, especially where there is nothing pressing and creative juices are flowing, but these days of late basked in the sun's golden rays, have warmed my soul!

I find it so rejuvenating when the sun shines and the wind is warm bringing with it smells of mud mixed with the newness of Spring!  I love to open the windows and shake off the stuffiness of winter and bring in the fresh!


This winter has seem particularly stuffy and I am in no way sorry to see it go...mind you, with it went my hubby's employment, but we pray that as new growth springs forth so will the opportunities for him...for us!  So if anyone is wondering, no he hasn't found employment yet.  We are still searching and praying and in the mean time God is continually teaching us and is providing for us! And we are keeping busy!  Busy with enjoying these wonderful Spring days, when optimism runs high and the days long!


Even with high optimism and glorious, sunshiny days, there is sadness.  A loss of an Aunt for my hubby and my dear friend Grace is in need of prayers, as her battle with cancer is hard right now.  It's hard to watch someone you care about hurt and struggle and to be completely helpless - so I petition your prayers for her and for all of those in challenging times right now!

Grace means so much to me...to us, and she has been an amazing example of God's goodness in our lives and she lives our her name so well....so much so that we gave Alice her name for a middle name.  I am thankful for the friendship I have with Grace and I treasure it immensely - so please, pray!


Spring always brings a sense of hope to me.  Hope in trials faced, in possibilities and in the unknown of the future....and hope gives me much strength.  There are so many wonderful verses that come to mind when I put my focus on His hope!

It is a crazy world we are living in and it's growing crazier all the time - but there is comfort!  Comfort in our God, in knowing Him and having His helper in our lives!  It is taking time to reflect on His truths and to search out His ways.  There is great comfort in finding joy.  Searching it out each day, to see joy in the big ways and the little ways.  It isn't always easy but it is possible!


And so as the ground dries, the puddles disappear, the buds burst forth and while there are moments of doubt, of worry and bouts of sadness - I will try to choose joy!  To give focus to what is good, what is God, in the moments around me.  I pray for His strength and I am thankful He has already promised it!

Spring is filled with opportunities to see God at work, to see His glory and to witness His hope and comfort!  So as the warmth of the season comes upon you, let it sink in, deep down, and bring new life to your weary and winter worn soul!


Apr 12, 2015

A Silver Lined Time

Well, it's been over a week now.  A week since they came and almost a week since they left.  Yes, for five wonderful days and five fantastic nights we hosted the Silver family!

It was better then I could have ever anticipated!  Meeting Bevy (and her family) from Treasured Up and Pondered.

You can read her post here about our mad capped, coffee filled adventures! And in the mean time you can stick around here for my version of events!

First off - I'm clarifying that on day two - the first morning they awoke here - the kids were not up at 6:00/6:30am but in fact were up before 5:30am!!! Just saying...someone was sleeping in....and it wasn't me!


So when they arrived and it was all I could do to keep from crying, for JOY!  Bevy and I had talked so much about this moment and it had finally come!  They were at my door for real!!  And people, her kids; EVEN CUTER in person!!!!

I had somewhat planned out their time with us but still left room for spontaneity and so, on the Friday, we let the weather and a gut feeling take us to a local sugar bush.  Time to take in real Canadian maple syrup!

After trompping through mud and woods and then more mud we got to go watch them boil the sap and venture through the self guided museum.  OH and they even had a few free samples to fuel us along!

It was the perfect day to hit up the maple syrup farm and much fun was had by all!! And by the end of our outing, the kiddos were fast friends and you'd never have known that they had only known each other for about twenty-four hours!

All six of the kids got along so well and they all doted on the baby, so everyone was happy...most of the time!  They played, watched movies, muddled in mud, read stories, giggled, told jokes and all around were one happy gang of kiddlets!

And it didn't take long for us adults to get comfy with each other and that feeling of "old friends coming together again" was just so evident!  There were lots and lots and then more, pots of coffee! I believe Dave made about 60 cups of coffee in one day!  And yes, SOME of that might have been poured out and not allowed to be re-heated in the microwave - (Sorry Scott...but not really sorry! hehehe!)  We had grand chats!  Talks of family, faith, struggles, dreams, past stories, puns and anything else good friends like to chat about.  There were board games and goodies and new treats to try - like pretzels and ice cream!! Bevy how dare you hold that one out on me...and yet, how dare you share it with me...I'll never eat ice cream the same again! Hahah!

Scott and Bev got so homey in our home...err, their Canadian home, that they made us breakfast one morning!!

Our Besties came out a couple of times to join in the shenanigans and the fellowship and fun was just that much more!  So on the Saturday, with eight kids under eight, us ladies got away and left the good men minding the gaggle of kids, while we took in some shopping and yes, more coffee!


Another glorious day and just a nice time to be out, take in the country side and some sweet shops.  And speaking of sweet, after all the lovely and generous gifts Bevy and her family brought us we at least got to surprise them with a few Canadian only treats!  Such as Kinder Eggs for the kids! Chocolate and a toy all in one - I can't believe you can't get these in the U.S.!  But the kids sure enjoyed them!!

And one of the greatest things about the whole time was being able to spend Easter with them all!!  And I hate to admit it, and I'll regret that I did but that morning we bathed six kids, had a big breakfast, took a few family photos, I even got a shower and we were still early for church! HAHAhaha!  I'll never live it down when we are late again! ;)

But it was another lovely, be it cooler day and it was a pleasure to bring Bevy and her family to our little church!  My three little ladies looked so sweet in their coordinating skirts that Bevy made herself!   And that evening, with our Besties joining us again, we all celebrated our risen King with much fellowship, laughs, encouragement and hearts connecting!

Well, that certainly does not cover all the happenings of our wonderful time together but it is the highlights...in a nut shell!  I still can't believe our sweet time together is over!  That they are home again and life continues on...

I learned a word from Bevy a few years ago, and it's one that Dave and I use with our Besties but after this meeting with these new friends and with how God has blessed this time and this coming together, it was the perfect word to end our time with....

For how can two families come together, not ever meeting prior, one travelling to another country, one opening their home and thus their lives, and it all just mesh so beautifully?!  It is friendship and it is family, His family!  Fremily!

It was such a blessing to share that time with Bevy, I honestly cannot put it all into words.  I feel that we are some of the dearest friends now...people have asked me, since the Silver's have left, if Bevy was all that I thought she would be...

...and my answer is always, "Yes, yes she was! Exactly who I knew she would be!"  And in my heart it's because I know we are sisters, sister in Christ!



Apr 1, 2015

Welcoming Treasured Friends

Well, it's happening, for real, real REAL!  I've read it on other blogs, dreamt it might actually be and sometime tomorrow morning it will come to fruition!

I am meeting a blog friend!!

Bevy, from Treasured Up and Pondered, is coming, with her family, to my house!!!!

Excited doesn't even cut it!

So I shall be a bit absent as we have plans for them to stay five nights and five fun filled days!! It's going to be great, I just know it - as even though we have never met in person, I feel as if they are all old pals coming to stay with us!

The "weekend" should be a wonderful mix of coffee, food, chats, activities, coffee, chats, late nights, visits, coffee, corralling children, coffee and what ever else may be!

So a blessed and Happy Easter to all!  Celebrate our risen Lord!!


Praise the KING!!!

I'm ecstatic to share this extremely special weekend with Bevy and her family! What a blessing!!

I just pray that our Canadian weather behaves decently!




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