May 1, 2015

Modern Parents, Vintage Values By Melissa Trevathan & Sissy Goff :: Review

When I first saw the title I was intrigued and thought this was a great approach and something my hubby and I strive for in our parenting - holding on to some vintage but essential values.  The book opens with an extensive section on 'modern' issues that our children are facing today - mainly media and drug usage.  The authors do tie these issues into character traits seen in youth and give reasons as to why many kids turn to these outlets and what a parent can do about it.  I found much of this section to be lacking in a spiritual or biblical stance but not entirely without.  I think a more biblical approach to these topics at younger ages would be helpful and serve our youth better but I think if your kids are older or you if became a Christian later in life, then this section would be very valuable!

The next section of the book deals with vintage values and it makes up the bulk of the book.  I thought this section was well written and did include a much more biblical approach to these topics.  Two things I enjoyed most in this section was the fact that each chapter (value) was broken down into children and then tweens/teens and how these values relate and are seen in the two age categories.  The second thing I liked ,and thought one of the best features of the book, are the Sunday Drive sections.  This is where the authors give practical tips on how to instil these values in our kids, in a fun and family focused way!  I will certainly revisit these pages for wonderful and applicable ideas!

Over-all Modern Parents, Vintage Values was a good and easy read.  I think there is much information to glean from it, especially for parents like me with young kids.  It gives an idea of some of the hurdles faced down the road if certain steps and precautions are not taken while our Littles are still little!

I would have liked to see more references to God's word and His teachings in these areas but I think the authors are trying to reach a broader audience and their advice is still relevant and applicable no matter your faith stance.

I received this book, from B&H Publishing, in exchange for my honest review.


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