Jun 30, 2015

Anything by Jennie Allen :: Review

I don't think there could have been a more perfect book to follow up my last read!!  Anything - the Prayer that Unlocked My God and My Soul took my latest thoughts, struggles and prayers and laid them all out on the printed page!

Anything is the story of Jennie and her husband and all the things that transpired leading up to and after they prayed together that God could have anything! Anything!!  It's wonderfully written as well as engaging, inspiring and fantastically convicting!

One of the things I enjoyed about this book was Jennie's transparency!  The theme of the book is about surrendering all to God and living with eternity as your focus.  But Jennie is quick to say that they daily have to say, "yes" and that they have not exactly, "sold all and gave it to the poor".  Her story is one, though, of surrendering and allowing God to lead and direct them.  She acknowledges that He will probably call them to give more and they work hard at being ready for those callings.

She does however, through much scripture, real life stories and honest words, cause you to really question where your faith is at!  Is it comfortable, safe, nominal?  This does not mean you need to be living a "big" life because Jennie points out that it is often in the mundane that we serve God, but that, is your faith and thus focus of your life directed at the glorification of God?  Are you living, as the author puts it, 'with one foot in heaven, one foot here and your eyes laser focused on eternity'!?!

I found so many of the words in this book echoing my own thoughts!  Thoughts of, "Am I more focused on building my dreams than building His kingdom?  If I truly believe what I say I do and this life is so short, how should my time, money, energy be spent? What does my life really reflect?  Am I more scared, comfortable, safe then seeking, caring, surrendering?"

Jennie warns that when you truly surrender and give anything to God, be prepared for attacks.  She does not sugar coat the costs of following, unbridled and whole heartedly, eternal living.  She gives accounts from her own life and others of the struggles and trials that have followed when Anything has been prayed.

She also, adamantly reminds us, it will be worth it!

This release of Anything, also includes an in-depth Bible study component.  I have not completed it, but after looking though it, I look forward to doing so!

I can't say enough good about this book!  I think God is using books such as Anything, to open my mind and heart and pull me out of my comfort zones to re-orient my focus to where it truly belongs.  On Him, His glory and His kingdom.

Now excuse me...I think I have some praying to do....

I received a copy of this book form BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.


  1. Let me try this comment again. I had started one.. but got distracted by your chickpea and kale post - that I saw in the "linkwithin" lineup... went there and left a comment and now I'm coming back here. :)

    So - -this book sounds like I need to add it to my ever-growing list... eh? WOW.. You know. You are one fabulous book-reviewer. lol!!

    I like the idea that there is a devotional with it.

    switching gears here. OUR HOUSE (upstairs) is in total chaos, over the past week and a half... as we are in the midst of rearranging rooms and trying to get Caleb into his own room - finally. IT's mind boggling and overwhelming. Want to come for a visit now... I'd take your help - in a heart beat. My sewing room is now in our bedroom. AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

    (sigh) -- deep breaths!!!!!

    1. Bevy, too bad we are 8 hours apart, I would come over and help you.. I love to organize and clean and move rooms around... I once thought about starting a professional organizing business... but then again it was just a thought... I do love it though... I am sure Caleb is super excited... what is he wanting his room done like? if anything... take care.. I hope you understood my lengthy email... you are a blessing to me...

  2. Kaitlin, I love how you review books... this looks like a book EVERYONE should read... I know I will be checking it out... Hope you are doing well and enjoying summer life... take care and know its nice to visit with you..

  3. Hey thanks ladies, for the compliments about my reviews! I appreciate that a lot!!! I sorta thought my reviews were lacking..or lame, so the encouragement is nice!! :)

    Yes, Bevy - add this one to your list - near the top! ;) It was a good read and fast too!!

    Connie, I like to clean and organize and move rooms too!!! :D Can't say I would do it for a job though. Too bad we all couldn't have popped on over to Bevy's to help out!! :(


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