Jun 25, 2015

Birthday Boy and Graduation Girls

It's amazing how much a week can hold - both in events and emotional extremes!  Amongst the sadness of losing my friend last week, we also had the joy of celebrating Olivia and Catherine finishing the school year with their first train ride and a train museum field trip.  There was also Catherine graduating Kindergarten as well as Joseph's 3rd Birthday!!!

I was able to join my two oldest gals on their trip and though the skies were grey and the rain poured we had a blast!

The train ride went fast and my two crazy kids were more excited to sit and colour then watch the world whizzing by!  They were super excited though to ride a school bus from the station to the train museum. (And then the same bus for the 40 minuets back to their school. There are no buses to my kids' school, all the parents drive, so this was a treat for them lol!)

The museum was pretty neat!! They had a number of train cars that you could climb on and into, for exploring!! My favourite one, hands down, was the dental car!  It was an entire train car that housed a dentist office and living quarters!  The car it's self was over a hundred years old but was operational in the last 30 years or so.  The dentist (and his family) would live in this car as they travelled all through the Northern parts of Canada to provide dental work to the small and isolated communities there. It was surprisingly much larger then I anticipated, on the inside, and much more architecturally ornate!


And to officially end school, there was graduation.   Our Catherine graduated from Kindergarten!  She's done so well this year and is a reading champ! So much so, that when she was handed her "diploma" she absorbed herself in reading it and paid little attention to what was happening around her! lol!!  The local garden club donated a tree for each of the kindergarten graduates (all two of them...have I mentioned it's a small school!?)  There was also music, singing, skits and fun for everyone!  Four kids graduated from grade eight and though that may seem awfully small to some of you, we love our little school...but we are excited to see it growing as well!

Then, right on the heels of graduation, the first day of summer vacation was Joseph's BIRTHDAY!!!  That's right, our wee beany boy is THREE!!!  And so, as usual fare, I asked what he wanted for his cake...

And that boy! There's a story to that cake.  So, yes, I asked him, "Joe, what do you want for your cake this year."
To which he replies, "A tractor cake!"
"But Joe, I made you one last year!"
He thinks, "Okay, then I want two tractors."
"Ugh.  No."
He thinks some more, "I want a pink tractor and a green tractor."
"No, Joe.  I did a tractor already..."
"I want a broken tractor and a fixed tractor."
So I search some ideas and come back to him later.  "Hey Joe! What about a digger cake???"
He looks excited, "Yeah!! AND a tractor!"
"No, Joe, not a tractor...how about a digger?"
"Umm...how about a cat! Yeah, a cat cake!"
"WHAT?? A cat??? You're crazy!"

A day later, he is being watched by my bestie while we had to go out.  She reports to me when we get back, "Soo...Joseph says, he wants a giraffe cake."
I look dumbfounded at her..."A giraffe cake?!?! What is with this kid!?!"
"Actually," she continues, "He said, 'I want a giraffe cake...no a cat cake.  NO...the cat was just a joke!' then he laughed"

What a kid!

So with my time and energy being short and that boy being absolutely ridiculous - he got his digger, giraffe, cat cake!


In true Birthday form, for us - there was family popping in over a couple of days (grandparents mostly) with those who could make it, coming on his actual Birthday.  The weather was great and we decided to cook hot dogs in the fire pit.  We enjoyed cake indoors and the kids gobbled up the digger, giraffe and cat...with Joe barely touching his actual cake! Sheesh...what a boy! Hhahahah!


My mom and her husband joined us that day and brought with them a water slide!  With the hills around our house it was easy to get it up and running!!  The kids enjoyed it, especially Catherine!! It was a perfect end to a great day!

And just like that my little man is three years old!! How is that possible? And yet...he talks, acts and is the size of about a five year old!!!!  It's hard to remember, some days, he's my little boy!  Joe is quite the kid...if you didn't pick that up from the cake conversation!  He's sensitive, creative, independent, snugly, sweet, crazy, busy, sometimes grumpy, and always, always, hungry!

This means that there is only one birthday left, for the year, in our family... and that comes next month!  Then I will be the mom of an eight year old...but lets not talk about that now! I'm not ready! hahahah!



  1. Oh -- you're making me cry! What a sweet post all around. It's because I've met you're kids and they ARE too cute. Handsome boy!
    (that last photo - well... all of them of him) and Catherine taking the time to read her diploma...while still on stage. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. That last photo was the best one of him I could get - he STILL won't hold still long enough to get a decent picture!!

    Yeah, she was funny up there! The other little girl was all smiles and looking around but Catherine was engrossed in reading! lol!!

    And yeah, I miss your kiddos too! Love them all!!!

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