Jun 10, 2015

Counting Down to Summer

The countdown is on!  Just under two weeks and my oldest gals will be off from school for the summer!! Can you believe it? I really can't!  I still think I should be working on things for my baby's first Birthday!! But that has come and gone, already!

In fact, my little man's birthday is the day after school is out!  My boy, he will be THREE! AAaaaah!!  I remember when my oldest was that age....heck, that was the age Catherine was when we moved here!  C.R.A.Z.Y. how time flies!

Speaking of my little man, if you aren't my "friend" on facebook (I do keep my personal page for mostly close friends and family - you can 'like' my Homemaker Design page for blog updates and what nots) and if you didn't catch it in my last post - here is the up-dated, summer look, for our Joseph...

His luscious locks are gone! *sob!*  I thought he was ever charming with his long hair buuut he was also a sweat machine and it was either chop it off or bath him every day all summer long - hubby voted for the buzzers and I reluctantly agreed.  It took some getting used to, but now I really like it short....can't say what will happen down the road but for now we have a much cooler kid!


So with school winding down, I'm thinking of more activities to do with my kiddos.  I want to keep working on writing and math with them over the summer but we also want to have fun!  And with less then two weeks of the school year remaining, I finally got around to trying my hand at homemade fruit snacks.

They taste great!! And I love the natural and healthy ingredients.  What I don't love sooo much, is the texture!  It's not a problem for the rest of my crew but I'm not a huge Jell-O fan and these are very reminiscent of that.  But enjoyable enough and loved by the rest of my peeps, so it's a winner!  I will get around to posting a recipe soon for these - just want to try out a few more flavours first!

Even though Summer is not officially here and the weather has been less the co-operative - we did get away to "our" beach for an evening!  Dave planned it for a Friday, he said he would pick up things for supper before getting the girls from school and I would pack the van and be ready for them when they got home.  The plan was a success...we only had to turn back once to get something from the house! lol!  We bought our season pass that night and are now ready at a moments notice to hit the waves....okay...not waves...it's just a quiet little beach...this ain't SoCal here people..it's Ontario...Canada....not even near the Great lakes...but just a beautiful beach for kids and families and a glorious place to have some family fun!

What else, what else...Oh a field trip this Friday.  My MIL is watching the younger two Littles so I can join my girls on their first train ride!!!  I grew up taking the train to visit my dad and then to visit my mom when I moved to live with my dad.  So I have some great memories of riding the rails and it's probably my favourite way to travel!  So we are all excited - I love field trips! hahahah!!

And because I realized I forgot to mention it at all - back, waaay back at the beginning of May, Dave and I celebrated eleven years married!  It was also the same day as the Mother's Day tea at the girls' school.  So I had a lovely afternoon with that and then an evening out with my hubby, complete with a fancy dinner, shopping, coffee, and a bouquet of roses that looked like a heart!

Eleven years has brought amazing highs and lows...and the last few years have been a time of really hashing things out, growing, stretching and working together to come through on the other side!  I read recently, that the years between 7-12 are the hardest in a marriage and at this point, I'd have to agree!  I really think being out here, though, has given us the time to really focus on 'us' and see the areas where we struggle and come to God to work on those.  It's been challenging and there is still much to work through, but there is also growth, slow, steady, growth.  God has been good, He is carrying us though it, bringing us godly support and accountability and renewing our hearts to what really matters in this life!  Marriage is a gift that does not come without it's challenges, and I'm thankful we have the Lord to guide us though it all, the good and the bad!

And speaking of growth, Dave and I planet a few veggies in our raised beds.  Nothing like the twenty four tomato plants we planted a few years back, just some yellow and green beans and, my favourite, peas!!  There is also a few of the garlic that I missed harvesting last year, that sprung up again this year!  I don't think we'll be doing a big garden this year, for a few reasons, but I still would like to maybe get a galvanized tub and put in a few tomatoes, nothing like fresh toasted tomato sandwiches!!

I'm excited about a project for the summer - one you ALL can join in, if you like!!  I think it should be fun and keep the creative juices flowing, without consuming a ton of time!!  More on that in a couple of weeks!

As my last post documented, we have been a little crafty!  It's getting more fun, for me, as my girls are reaching an age I remember for being full of crafting!  But Joe seems to really enjoy painting and has fun with practically any hands on activities including this shape 'game'.  Here he has created a monster truck and a pick up truck, all on his own!

And, I keep forgetting to share the recipe with you all, but we've also broken out the side-walk paint!!  It's an easy and fun activity, that keeps kids happy and creative for hours!  I will share that soon!  There are a bunch of things I'd like to do and I hope to cross a number of them off of my Pinterest boards this Summer...mostly to justify all the time I spend on there...because that would be fun!

So we gladly anticipate the Summer days ahead, all the while, enjoying each moment as it comes and keeping our focus on what is eternal, God glorifying and thus joy-filled!  Life is certainly full of big and amazing things...but there is much to celebrate, cherish and marvel at in the mundane....


...oh, those mundane sunsets....!



  1. Great post! Looking forward to summer and also to watching the littles on Friday.

  2. This post! So chock full of wonderful goodness!! And, sunsets... never mundane or ordinary!! ALL good.

    Hugs and kisses to all from our fam to yours. When you coming to visit?? Missing you... and I can't wait for that "jello-like-substance" recipe. I am a huge jello fan... however. :)


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