Jun 22, 2015


Just over a week ago, my neighbour, my friend, passed away.  And though it has brought me tremendous sadness, there is a joy in all of it.  First, for the end of her pain and her battle.  Secondly and most, most importantly, for the fact that I know where she is!  She is in glory, in the presence of Jesus, the lover of her soul, and she is rejoicing!

My heart aches for her dear husband and sweet children that she had to leave behind.  But she certainly left a legacy, a good and godly example of living well and making much of the short time we have on this earth.

I learned much from my friend and I miss her dearly!  I will never, never forget her - she is the woman who's name we gave for Alice's middle name.  She was a light in my life, in our lives and in the lives of many people who knew her!

Today I am guest blogging over at Bevy's blog - Treasured Up and Pondered, where you can read my post, get your hands on the best muffin recipe ever and partake in her give-away!  When Bevy asked me to write a post for her Blog, she said I should write something "me".  I mulled it over for a few days and finally settled on something.


There's more to them then meets the eye - so click HERE to head over to read how a hug can change your life!

This post is dedicated, in memory, of my dear friend Grace.
A truly beautiful woman.

Grace with our Alice Grace

How lucky I am to have something
that makes saying 'Goodbye' 
so hard.
                                                               - A.A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh)



  1. I love this!! So sweet.

    And - I'm so grateful for your willingness to participate in my blog - as guest writer, today!! You're the best!! And I really do hope you see some new faces here, today!! Or, over the next couple of days.

    Thank you, again!! You are loved!!

    1. Thank you for all of your encouragement and love Bevy!! It's just been a blessing to have your friendship and if all I ever get from my blogging time is that gift (your friendship) and a written memory of these years of raising Littles and whatnot (because my memory is often fuzzy! ugh!) then I am grateful!!

      :) ♥

  2. Hello Kaitlin, First I would like to say I am sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I will be praying for you and her family. I have to say how I love how you and Bevy have shared your wonderful meeting and friendship with all of us. It has been a blessing to read along. I read your post and I think it was wonderful and many times over I have thought why can't I be more comfortable in the hugging process. Anyway, I summed it up in the comment section of the post, (sorry so long of a comment) .... I just know that some people are huggy people, and some show love with their words like sweetie, honey, darlin... etc... and some are just reserved a little more. I tend to show love by doing for others I guess but however one chooses is really a personal choice and that is what matters. Such a good post... Thanks for teaming up with Bevy, you girls are a blessing...

    1. Thank you for your prayers Connie! And thank you for 'stopping in' and saying hello! :)

      You are right, people DO show love in so many different ways! With my post on hugging, I wanted to draw attention to the biblical idea of and the biblical text that talks about physical (non-sexual) love that we are called to express and how that has amazing properties! (And I COULD have talked about the holy kiss...but I went with a more cultural norm! hahahahha!) I recognize how uncomfortable this can be for people, which is why I felt prompted to write the post and put out the challenge. I don't expect the more reserved to break forth in lavish gestures of physical affection, I just hoped to prompt them to step outside their comfort zone and see what happens. Mostly, because this came from experience....I, being the naturally huggy type, infected a entire church of reserved, non-huggers! And no, not all of them spontaneously hug and probably never will, but I did see a difference in the over-all group of women and I feel it was God's leading that that barrier be broken for them. I hope that reads as heartfelt and encouraging! I don't mean to down-play other forms of love and affection!!! They certainly all have their places! I'm just encouraging from the gift I have been given - Lord knows I need encouragement to put for other gifts and forms of love! Thank you so much for your thoughts and comments on this Connie!!

  3. Kaitlin, you did very well... and I so got what you were saying... and in no way did I feel you down played anything at all... It is really funny when you gals posted this because every time I wrote Hugs on my comment... I had the thought what does that mean for me... and that is why I tried to share how it meant for me... So I am glad that you and Bevy shared all of this... because I know now that even the word Hugs has so much meaning behind it... and I must say, even though I have never met Bevy, or you... I think we would be great friends... I am learning so much from you both... and that is a GOD thing... Your posts as well as hers brings smiles to my face, makes me ponder on things that are so, so important... and I have grown so much more in my walk with God because of this little group of women... and I believe that is what its purpose for me is... So I am a happy girl... I come here and read on those not so happy days, and it helps change my thought process... So yes, yes, yes its so good.... Keep posting because I will keep reading... :)

    1. Connie-- YOU make my heart smile!! It sings!! You are such a joy to know and I agree... we would make great friends. If not here on earth - for sure - IN HEAVEN... we will meet!! One day!

      I always appreciate your heart. Your honesty. Your sincerity. Your passion for your family... all of it shows - as you share via your comments.
      Thank you!! Thank you for reading. You're the best!

    2. You are so very kind Connie! I appreciate your comments and I do hope you'll comment more - so I too can know you better! :) (((HUG))) (because I know you don't mind them here! *wink*) I'm glad to hear that you find encouragement and are growing from what I post - even if I find that surprising! lol!! - I do try to honour and glorify God in what I post here, that, and to record and remember our life, is the focus of my blog! Feel free to be open and honest any time you stop by!! And yes, if not here then in heaven we will all be together....but here first would be fun!! :D


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