Jul 31, 2015

Steak and Fudgesicles

This combination, of steak and Fudgesicles, came to us the other evening, as a gift, from God.  

Steak is pretty much my all time favourite food. LOVE IT!!  I could go on and on about steak, but we'll just leave it at that!   And well...Fudgesicles... I had seen an amazing deal on frozen treats in the grocery flyer a few weeks back, but the store never got the product in and so since then I have been craving sweet frozen treats!  So the Fudgesicles, they're God's way of saying, "I love you! I may not give you exactly what you want but I hear you, I care about you and so be content in what I give."   

But there is obviously more to the story, now isn't there...


And so here, my friends, is why these gifts arrived, hand delivered to our door.  You see, my sweet hubby lost his job, again.  Yes, three months to the day hired, they let him go.  I've told a few people already and the common response is, "You have to be joking?!!?" Buuut, I'm afraid not friends!  No joke.  

And then everyone wants to know the why...so all I can tell you is that they told my husband that there was a lull in work.  They thanked him for helping them through the busy period but that "his services were  no longer required."   Hubby suspects it is also in conjunction with the fact he never worked the "volunteer" overtime hours offered.  He feels and we feel, that time is more precious then money and family time comes before work.  Dave wants to be present while we raise these little people and feels this is honouring to God as well.

But lulls and speculations aside, we both know this is all the Lord's work.  He has terminated Dave's time at this job and He holds the coming days in His mighty hands.  

No, there were not enough hours for him to be able to receive Employment Insurance.  Which means for my non-Canadian readers, the money that the government often gives to help out while you look for work, is unavailable to us.   So the money we had set aside to pay for wood and oil to heat our home this winter...may have to be put else where....we'll see...one day at a time!

Am I angry? No...a little... and angry is to strong a word...upset?! ...but only at the fact that this job was something my hubby was really, really good at and that he liked a lot!! He didn't even mind the commute to work because he actually enjoyed going!  But the actual job loss, I'm not upset about!  We've been here before, many times....just three months ago in fact, lol!  And I know God provides, I've experienced it too often to really question it.

Our struggle comes in, "What are we to do now? What do you want from us Lord?"  Over the last few months, Hubs and I have basically left our entire lives open to Him.  All of it!  And instead of clear answers, we are dealt more confusion then ever!  It's slightly frustrating....mostly because I want to see the road map before us and God says, "Wait."

If you know me well, then you know how much I "love" to wait! lol!!

So I do, I wait.  And He speaks to me.  No, not with solutions but with love!  I turned in my bible, this morning, to a place I had left my bookmark from the study I had just finished.  My eyes fell on Psalm 143.  It was titled, "A Cry for Help".  As I read though it, especially verses, 5,6 and 8, I found it both echoing and becoming my prayer;

I remember the days of old;
I meditate on all You have done;
I reflect on the work of Your hands.
I spread out my hands to You;
I am like parched land before You.

Let me experience 
Your faithful love in the morning,
for I trust in You.
Reveal to me the way I should go 
because I long for You.

And much of what I could say about waiting and trusting God, I said just a few months ago in this post here, so I leave that there and get back to our steak and Fudgesicles.

For, in the short time Hubby did have at his job, he was able to share the good news of the Gospel with a few people, especially one man who he often worked with.  And no, this story does not end with this man's salvation...not yet any ways...*wink*  but they grew to be good friends.

So, the evening of Dave's termination, as he was putting the kids to bed, a car pulled up to the house; bringing with it, steak, Fudgesicles and friendship.  This co-worker of Dave's, through some conversations he and Dave had had, only the day before, had sleuthed his way to finding out where we lived and wanted to come and bring treats for us and the kids and to properly say, "Goodbye" to his work buddy.  He stayed for a visit and they exchanged contact info and so the work relationship was properly said, 'goodbye' to but the friendship will carry on.  

Just like God will carry us on.  

Though things like steak and Fudgesicles.  Through my hubby's Besty calling and giving him encouragement, support and fellowship.  Through a painting job, rooms not canvas, for me.... 

...and through that ever precious gift of time!

To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every 
purpose under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1


Jul 29, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday :: What if you FLY?


This quote! Ugh! It's just lovely, inspiring, daring and dream filled all in just two short sentences! I love it and I was excited to shoot for it!  Happily I found a willing model and a sunshiny day!

And that's the key isn't it, the willing part!?!  That we need to be willing to step out, in faith, and see if we can "fly"!  But all to often we can be immobilized by fear!  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of looking the fool, whatever it may be, but fear will stop us or hold us back.

God does not want us to live in fear, in fact, the bible says, "Do not be afraid" 365 times!  That's one for everyday of the year!  (as for leap years...stay in bed that day! lol!!!)  But in all seriousness, God is sovereign, God is good and God has your best at work.

One thing, I heard a while ago is this thought, that we must get over the lie that life is suppose to be easy or good!  And it's true.  God does care for us, want what is best for us..but in His plan!  If you are a child of God then you are not living for this world and it's rewards but for the kingdom to come.  And when you focus on that, the idea of fearing what may be here, sort of...shrinks away!

So I am encouraging you, step out and fly!  What is on your heart? What is it that you are worried you might 'fall' at?  It doesn't have to be big or grand, just something that when you read the quote above you go, "Oohhh.  Yes, I'm afraid to but I want to ________"  It's whatever fills in that blank for you!

It may be to simply have the neighbour in for coffee, or to finally run that half marathon.  Maybe it's to pursue the idea of fostering or relocating to follow a dream. Maybe it's to cut your hair, write a book, travel Europe, learn to play an instrument, even this photo challenge, whatever it may be, if you're scare you might fall, then I'm challenging you to try...to step out and try to fly!  As long as what you are doing is done unto the glory of God, it will be an experience worth remembering.

I heard once, "If nothing ever happens to you, then nothing ever happens to you!"

Let God guide your somethings and He will give you the wings!  You may not completely 'succeed' the first time you take off but remember, the Wright brothers' fist flight lasted only twelve seconds!! 

So, my darlings, get out there, spread those wings and fly! 

Next weeks text:

If God brought you to it,
He will bring you through it.



Jul 26, 2015

Eight is Great!

And wow, she's eight people! Our Olivia had her eighth birthday last week and I have to say, what a little lady she is becoming!  She's growing up, crazy fast!  Just today we had a talk, her and I, because her Daddy had given her instructions and she felt we were telling her, just a little too much, what to do.  She came and expressed how she felt and why, and I talked to her about why we, as her parents, do what we do.  We came to a fair solution and everyone was heard, happy and understood...but the whole time I was talking to her, I couldn't help but think what a beautiful young lady she is growing into!

And so, what did this lovely little lady want to do on her Birthday?? Well, hit the beach, of course!  We planned to head out after the baby's morning nap and Daddy would join us after work, bringing take out dinners to have beach side.  He was also to pick up the cake from home before meeting us there.

I packed up kids and cargo but all the while, the skies threatened to not co-operate!  We manage to enjoy a couple of hours on the lake but it was just too cool and the rain was threatening a torrential shower any minute - so me and the kiddos headed home to meet Daddy before he got to the house. 

At home we had a low-key, lovely time! Daddy brought dinner, there were gifts, cake and a new movie to enjoy as a fam-jam! (Well...two thirds of a fam-jam, the littlest Littles went to bed first!)  


As for her cake, Olivia requested a "Barbie" cake just like Catherine had for her Birthday.  So I obliged, changing it slightly and accommodating her choice of vanilla cake with chocolate icing.  I used a box cake as usual, because baking is so not my thing but made a few of those Pinterest tweaks to make it taste like homemade and it was pretty good!!   And of course, Olivia loved it - so that was really all that mattered!! 

Grandparents and friends dotted the weekend with visits, gifts and love!  She was excited for anything and everything she received!  Olivia has a real joy and is one of those people that reminds you of the simple, sweet pleasures in life!  She was just as super excited and ecstatic over a pair of pants, or a bag of jelly beans or a new, cool Lego set!  It was all wonderful to her!  

I love this little Lady and it's surreal watching her grow all these years.  She is the one that tries my patience the most but also teaches me so very much about myself and helps me recognize my own struggles as well!  I think she is a special girl that God will use...and has used...to teach many of us the real joys to be found in this life!

But each of these little people are a gift to me!  Four here, one above, all loved, adored and thankful for!  Oh, yes, it's not all sunshine and roses but nothing in life is...and the truly worthwhile things are often what we struggle the most in and for!  But I am blessed and I know that, I thank God for each of these precious people and each day I have with them!

And though, there are days when I long for more "me" time, or to enjoy a full cup of hot coffee, or just my own brain for more then five minutes, I wouldn't give up any of these past eight years, for anything!  

"While we try to teach our
children all about life,
our children teach us what
life is all about."


Jul 22, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday :: Proverbs 3:5-6


This verse, Proverbs 3:5-6, was my friend Grace's favourite...or at least one that spoke to her and that she held important in her life.  So when this was the text prompt for the week, I knew where I had to go to capture my image.  


The sun was setting, as I headed down the road with my camera in hand.  I drove the short distance and pulled the vehicle over as I came across the farmer's gate.  I got out in time to see a flock of wild turkeys run off into the woods.  The gate that stood between me and where I was headed was not the old broken one that I was used to, but a new one that swung easily as I unlatched it.  I opened it just enough to sneak in and swatting at the black fly that darted around my head, I re-latched the gate behind me.  I took a slow look around and let out a sentimental sigh.

The mosquitoes were thick and they were hungry...and I was poorly dressed for this, much to their delight! I headed down the steep lane before me, the trees towering on both sides and the path muddy from the recent rain.  I remembered this trail fondly and I stop for a moment, thinking I hear the waterfall in the distance...only to remind myself, "It only runs for a few days during the Spring thaw."  I hear her say it to me.  

I round the slight bend and the darkness of the woods breaks way as the clearing ahead opens up.  I step out into the setting sunlight and another sigh escapes my lips.  My eyes fall on one of the most beautiful places I have ever traversed.  I look around at the open field, the giant oaks, the distant valley and the rise of trees behind it.  I spot the old foundation that lies in ruins but nods at a day long ago when someone called this place home.  And I look up.  The sky is a soft, pale blue, the sun, dazzling, as it darts between hazy clouds making it's decent to the horizon.  Words fail me, so again, I sigh.

And then the memories flood.  She is with me, we are walking.  Her, with her long and confidant stride and myself, working to keep my short legs caught up, all the while distracted by the scenery around me.  She walks and talks, this is nothing new to her, this land, these sights but to me, it's a piece of Heaven on Earth.  She is puzzled at why I must continuously stop to take pictures and I puzzle at how she cannot.

We are very different, she and I, but somehow we mesh.  He brought us together and He knew what He was doing.  

We walk this field, this path many times over.  We chat, we talk, we ponder and we learn much about each other, our families, our lives, our struggles...we grow as friends.  There is only this one year of walking...there were no others...there was no time....but the memories...they last a lifetime.

I look at the ground and shake my head at the simple, hard truth that these are now memories.  My heart aches and I remember what I came here to do.  Brushing a mosquito off of my arm, I raise my camera and compose my shots.  Between the fly, that never really left and the mosquitoes, I somehow manage to capture a few decent images. 

As I walk back up the slope, through the woods and once again, re-latch the gate behind me, I think of her.  I think of how much I miss her, how much I learned from her and how much this verse will stay with me always...



Next week's text:

"Oh what if I fall?"
"Oh but my darling, 
what if you fly?"
                  - Erin Hanson

Jul 17, 2015

Adventure Bible - Brave Queen Esther - "I Can Read" :: Review

My girls were more then happy to read through Brave Queen Esther by the Adventure Bible people. This is a level 2 reader which means that it has; "Engaging stories, longer sentences , and language play for developing readers."   I found that the aim of the book was perfect!  My girls could handle most of the words but need to work on punctuation and speech emphasise, and this book gives plenty of practice for that!


It's a good, child-friendly version of the story of Esther saving the Jewish people.  My girls both came away with an understanding that Esther had to be brave and save her people.  They liked that she prayed for courage and did the right thing, even though she was scared!

The illustrations are lovely!!  My kids liked them and I thought they fit the story well!

The last page included a people of the Bible and a "Did You Know?" section.  It was nice that it highlighted key facts about Esther and  Mordecai and the "Did you know?" paragraph was interesting and educational!  


I think these are excellent early readers and I love that they are stories from the Bible!  Though our kids are familiar with many of the classic stories from the Bible, it's nice for them to be able to read about it themselves!

An great beginner book that I recommend to anyone with new readers!  I think I may look for other titles in this series to add to our collection!

I received a copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.


Jul 15, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday :: Dream a New Dream

Hello!!  Here is the first link-up for our Whimsy Wednesdays!  I'm happy that there should be some new faces joining in and happy for all the oldies too! ;)  So link up below and/or on the Facebook page - I can't wait to see what you've all come up with!

Feel free to be as creative as you like.  I even had someone ask if they could use the quotes/texts/lyrics for writing prompts and though I hadn't thought about it before I said, "Sure! Why not?!"  I may even do the same now and again!

And to encourage those linking up - because I'm big on encouraging...and visiting - please pop over to the person who links up before you and say a hello!  That's just a nice thing to do! ☼

Next week's text:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and 
He will make your paths straight.
                                                                                    - Proverbs 3: 5-6


Jul 13, 2015

DIY Sidewalk Paint!

This is the best stuff ever!!! It's SUPER easy to make, the kids LOVE it and clean up is a breeze!!

 Sidewalk Paint

1 cup cornstarch
1 cup water
food colouring 

This will fast become your favourite summer activity!!! 


  • I use a large measuring cup to mix it because it is easy to pour out from after - but you can use anything really. Add the cornstarch to the water and mix thoroughly.  It gets a bit hard but keep mixing and it will all smooth out.

  • Once mixed together, pour into individual containers - an old muffin tin works nicely!  


  • Add food colouring - as much or little as you like. The more dye you add the more vibrant the colours. I have Neon colours at the moment and I like them a lot!! Oh and don't be afraid to mix colours to expand your range choices!  

Note: I usually put some water in the empty tins so that the kids can rinse off their brushes - not that they always do but the artist in me can't help it! *wink* lol!!  I have noticed that it helps the colours from going to a rather terrible mud colour but this is also because my girls are older now, if you have little Littles I wouldn't bother with the clean water.  Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers will probably enjoy the mud colour as much as the 'pretty' colours! lol!!


  • Stir the food colouring into the paint base until mixed well, it will appear a bit 'marbled' but that's okay!


  • Now grab the paint brushes and head outside for some painting fun!  This stuff washes away with the rain, or any water and is, as far as I've experienced, completely harmless to kids and clothes!  Even with the food dye there has been no staining...yet! 


My kids simply love this stuff!  They ask for it all winter long, waiting and waiting for Spring to come and time to paint the rocks and trees again! (Yes, they paint those...mostly because we only have our walk-way and no real sidewalks here in the country!) 

They will honestly play for an hour or more and either come in because they are hot, hungry or when the paint is all gone!  I keep this muffin tin aside just for this purpose because then I don't have to clean it out but it would clean up easy in your dishwater or dishwasher!!

Last time we used the paint, I thought it would be fun to draw with chalk and then they could colour it in.  They all got a kick out of that too and thus creating even more artistic, summer fun!!

So there you have it! An easy go-to for summer time play!! 


Jul 10, 2015

Adding Text to a Photo in iPiccy :: Tutorial

The Whimsy Wednesday Weekly Photo Challenge is up and running now - if you missed all the details you can read about it in my last post here.  And because I'm so nice...and I need the reminder myself, I will give you the text for this week again here:

You are never too old to
set another goal or 
to dream a new dream.
~ C. S. Lewis

So that is your text to incorporate with a photo you take...or maybe have already taken...either way, it's about stretching your creative muscles, having fun and growing as a photographer/artist/designer/dreamer! lol!!!

In that last post, I recommended the site iPiccy for all your FREE photo editing needs. I really like that site and use it quite frequently and once you sign up, everything is free!! Did I mention free...because in case I didn't...the site is free!!

But I realized, as I was making my last photo for my Strawberry Fields Forever post, that maybe some of you are not sure, or comfortable with how to put text on an image.  So I created a little tutorial to show you one way of doing just that! 

Here is my final image from that post, so how did I make the magic happen?!  I'm not going to go over the actual image editing at this time, maybe at a latter date, but today is just about adding the text and the box behind it. 

This was a case of seeing the spot for the text after I took the photo.  Sometimes I will purposely compose a shot with the idea of adding text already in mind but often as I'm going through my images, I can see where adding text will make for an all around better and more interesting image.

So let's begin!

I'm starting with the assumption you have uploaded your image to iPiccy and are somewhat familiar with it...?!?

With your image up loaded and selected for editing, you will need to click on the tab that is for, "Blender: layer photos, add text, and stickers"

You will see four buttons above your image - we are going to focus on the Add Vector Shape and the Add Text buttons.  

Select the: Add Vector Shape.  From the drop down window that appears, select rectangle (or whatever shape you want)


A pink rectangle will appear on the screen, don't worry it's just the working colour, you can change the colour later!

I've labelled the various options you have at this point.  It's here you can reshape, resize and reposition your shape.  You can also round the corners if you like a more organic feel.  

When you are finished, click done.  But note: almost all of these adjustments can be made to the shape right on the image - so if you don't get it exactly as you like, don't worry, you can fix it on the next screen.  I usually do most of my shape manipulation for when the shape is on the actual image.


I have a lovely rectangle now. Using the colour slider, I changed mine to blue.

My rectangle was not as wide as I wanted it to be, so I grabbed the little bullet to the right of my shape and stretched it out.  I also wanted it taller and so using the bullet in the centre of the top I stretched my shape taller.  

Finally I repositioned the entire shape and then I was happy with where it sat in the image.

After I played with the blue for a bit, I decided to save that for my text colour and changed the rectangle to white.  I used the Fade slider and dropped to opacity down to 34%.  You can still see the shape but also some of the image behind it too.

Finally we can add the text! Well...you can skip everything up to this point and just add text with out the shape behind.  The images I showed you in the last post are done with text directly on the image,  It just depends on what you want to do and how the image lends itself!

Select the Add Text button from the options just above your image.  In the box that appears you can type or copy and paste your text.  You will have to play around to make it fit in the space designated for your text.  

You can change the spacing, size, alignment (left, centre, right), make it bold, italic, change the font and the colour!  And just like the shape, you can resize and reposition right on the image.

A note of how things work when you are in the "Blender: layer photos, add text, and stickers" tab. (This is the tab you clicked on to begin this project)  When you are in this tab, each component of your image is literally seen as a layer.  Think of it as if you were physically collaging this.  You image would be the background, the shape a layer on top of that and then the text is a layer on top of the shape.

When you have a layer (component of your image) selected that is when you can manipulate it.  If you ever get stuck (sometimes when you edit the colours it seems to get to stuck in that screen and you can't get back) click the Layer button.  It's found at the top of the window that you are working in, beside the little eye.

When you are happy with everything and only then, click the check mark in the upper right corner.  Now you can save your image!  I recommend saving it under a new name so that you can keep a copy of the original image - this is a good practice for any photo editing that you do!

So there you have it - adding text and shapes to an image using iPiccy!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll see if I can help!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with over the coming weeks!  


Jul 8, 2015

Whimsy Wednesdays - Photo and Text Weekly Challenge

Are you ready for a little whimsy??? 

A few weeks ago, I told you all that I had a little project for the summer - one for ALL of us to enjoy!  I had some requests for doing another 30 day photo challenge but frankly...I'm too busy...and it's too hot, to keep up with that rig-a-ma-roll!   So I put my thinking cap on and came up with this:

Whimsy Wednesdays!

Ooooh! Ahhhh!

But what does that mean.....?

Well, once a week, on Wednesdays...starting today, I will give you a text prompt for the week.  This will come in the form of a quote, saying, scripture, or song verse/chorus.  You then have a week to capture an image that represents your vision for the words provided, edit your image, combine it with the text and link up or post it to my Facebook page.

A few examples of what I mean:




These are some from past posts here on my blog,, you can use them as a spring board for ideas but feel free to be as creative as you like!! The first picture - of the word "L♥VE" done in sparkler...is an idea of just how far you can take this project....though it originally was more about me and my besty having fun on Canada day!! lol!!!

But seriously, HAVE.FUN!  Be as creative as you like or don't like! lol!!  This is about stretching and growing as a photographer and, dare I say...artist?!?!!  You need to think a bit about the composition of your photo - sorta, 'see' the place where the text could go.  Or leave it to 'chance' and just capture the image and let your creative juices guide the final product.  I encourage you to let yourself go, play around and, again, have fun!! Feel free to use all of the text or maybe just a line, if you're inspired that way....the ideas are endless....

 I will be back on Friday with a post to show you one way of adding text to an image using the free, yes, FREE site - iPiccy.  I believe you have to make an account but after that it is entirely free and they have never spammed me!!! I use it for photo editing all the time and there is soooo much you can do with that site - it's addicting fun!!

I'll leave you with your word prompt, that way you can get your creative muscles warmed up and if you have any questions leave me a comment, an email or a post on the Facebook page!!

This week's words:

You are never too old to
set another goal or 
to dream a new dream.
C. S. Lewis


Jul 3, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever...

The season was short here, or so I was told, I'm no expert on these matters.  The unexpected late May frost put a damper on the much anticipated strawberry season, shortening the already precious few weeks to harvest these gems.

But frost or not, the berries were no less delicious!

We don't go every year to pick berries but it's something we enjoy doing! I'm not one to put up bushel after bushel to make jam or to freeze.  No, we usually only pick a few baskets, eating many sweet berries as they are and making a few delicious treats with the rest.

It's a beautiful season and yet it's over so quick...


I've been pondering on that thought for a time now...the quickness of time passing...especially for these Littles of mine.  They grow overnight, it seems!  The other day my eldest was playing and I was just sitting and watching her.  She was running about the yard and though still very much little, I noticed the length of her limbs.

She's all legs...and arms....and where did my baby go?

I dress my actual 'baby' in clothes that once adorned this big girl and marvel how it was only a moment ago... a moment ago that she, my long limbed lady, was toddling about in sweet summer dresses, with rolls and cheeks of pure pinch-ability!


And it's funny how life imitates it's self....this short season of strawberry picking is an echo of these fast fleeting days of Littles!  Such a sweet time, labour intensive at moments, but worth it all and gone before you know it!

There is this time of caring for them, nurturing them, protecting them.  You cultivate the soil, giving them the best start you can.  Then as they grow; it's continual watering.  The watering of lessons, truths and guidance.  They blossom!  And then you watch as your little berry bushes produce fruit...and are now independent of you....and their fruit not yours...but theirs... Oh sure, they still need you, now and again.  When they need a little extra watering, or to clear away some bugs...possibly and infestation... and just to make sure that they're growing well.  But overall, the time comes when they are no longer in your care and you have to just watch them and see how they manage.

I have a friend who's children span the elementary through to end of high school ages, with her eldest heading off in the fall to post-secondary.  She tells me all the time, "It was easier when they were little!"

I listen to her words, heed them, if you will.  She's walked this path, she knows how the time flies and she's ministering truth to me!  I know she is not belittling the hard, tiring days of diapering, constant neediness, dressings, mess cleaning, disciplining but her words remind me of the sweet simple joys of this time!


I do, heed her words, and those of others who constantly say, "It flies by so fast!".  I make sure to walk these truths out; to enjoy these busy days, days of constant requiring of me and my time!  No, this does not mean I play with my kids all the day long.  We do not do hours of crafts or outdoor play together.  But it means, I pause when they do ask and think.  "Would I regret, not taking this moment, to be with them??"

Because dishes still need to get done, food has to be made, grocery lists complied and yes, mommy needs that quiet cup of hot coffee!   But it means, for me, pausing to evaluate what I am doing and asking, "can it wait?"...


I, sadly, know that life is so precious and it can be gone in an instant.  I was thinking about it, the other day...while mowing my lawn....I've lost three special people in the last eleven years...not a record I hope to uphold....and there were more, but these three were taken in, what seems like, a matter of moments.

Shortly after our second was born, I lost a baby.  I went in for the ultra sound, expecting much and left heavy hearted.  Three years ago, my dad was away on vacation.  He called me on my birthday and then just over a week later, we were in the hospital having to say our final "good bye".   And then, just a few short weeks ago, I lost my dear, dear friend.  A strong women, who fought a good, hard battle and yet, I still can't wrap my head around the idea that she's gone....

It's these times, when you see, when you really see, just how precious and fleeting life truly is.  How you don't know, and that in an instant your world can be shaken.  It's moments likes these that cause me to cultivate my little strawberry bushes with extra tender care!  To truly treasure the hard work it takes to raise them.  It's what causes me to pull myself away from my pursuits, to get on the floor, or to read that book the eighteenth time or to just sit and colour while a counter sits, full of dishes, behind me.

Strawberry fields forever....it may feel like it some days...but the harvest will come and eventually the field will be bare...

And so, I remind myself daily, that time flies by and to remember that sometimes the seasons get cut short.... but I can make the most of today, whatever that looks like and enjoy these Littles....while they are still little.  I can get my hands dirty all the while making my heart happy!  And just as the sweet taste of succulent berries does not quickly leave your memory, neither will these busy but precious days of Littles leave mine...



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