Jul 10, 2015

Adding Text to a Photo in iPiccy :: Tutorial

The Whimsy Wednesday Weekly Photo Challenge is up and running now - if you missed all the details you can read about it in my last post here.  And because I'm so nice...and I need the reminder myself, I will give you the text for this week again here:

You are never too old to
set another goal or 
to dream a new dream.
~ C. S. Lewis

So that is your text to incorporate with a photo you take...or maybe have already taken...either way, it's about stretching your creative muscles, having fun and growing as a photographer/artist/designer/dreamer! lol!!!

In that last post, I recommended the site iPiccy for all your FREE photo editing needs. I really like that site and use it quite frequently and once you sign up, everything is free!! Did I mention free...because in case I didn't...the site is free!!

But I realized, as I was making my last photo for my Strawberry Fields Forever post, that maybe some of you are not sure, or comfortable with how to put text on an image.  So I created a little tutorial to show you one way of doing just that! 

Here is my final image from that post, so how did I make the magic happen?!  I'm not going to go over the actual image editing at this time, maybe at a latter date, but today is just about adding the text and the box behind it. 

This was a case of seeing the spot for the text after I took the photo.  Sometimes I will purposely compose a shot with the idea of adding text already in mind but often as I'm going through my images, I can see where adding text will make for an all around better and more interesting image.

So let's begin!

I'm starting with the assumption you have uploaded your image to iPiccy and are somewhat familiar with it...?!?

With your image up loaded and selected for editing, you will need to click on the tab that is for, "Blender: layer photos, add text, and stickers"

You will see four buttons above your image - we are going to focus on the Add Vector Shape and the Add Text buttons.  

Select the: Add Vector Shape.  From the drop down window that appears, select rectangle (or whatever shape you want)


A pink rectangle will appear on the screen, don't worry it's just the working colour, you can change the colour later!

I've labelled the various options you have at this point.  It's here you can reshape, resize and reposition your shape.  You can also round the corners if you like a more organic feel.  

When you are finished, click done.  But note: almost all of these adjustments can be made to the shape right on the image - so if you don't get it exactly as you like, don't worry, you can fix it on the next screen.  I usually do most of my shape manipulation for when the shape is on the actual image.


I have a lovely rectangle now. Using the colour slider, I changed mine to blue.

My rectangle was not as wide as I wanted it to be, so I grabbed the little bullet to the right of my shape and stretched it out.  I also wanted it taller and so using the bullet in the centre of the top I stretched my shape taller.  

Finally I repositioned the entire shape and then I was happy with where it sat in the image.

After I played with the blue for a bit, I decided to save that for my text colour and changed the rectangle to white.  I used the Fade slider and dropped to opacity down to 34%.  You can still see the shape but also some of the image behind it too.

Finally we can add the text! Well...you can skip everything up to this point and just add text with out the shape behind.  The images I showed you in the last post are done with text directly on the image,  It just depends on what you want to do and how the image lends itself!

Select the Add Text button from the options just above your image.  In the box that appears you can type or copy and paste your text.  You will have to play around to make it fit in the space designated for your text.  

You can change the spacing, size, alignment (left, centre, right), make it bold, italic, change the font and the colour!  And just like the shape, you can resize and reposition right on the image.

A note of how things work when you are in the "Blender: layer photos, add text, and stickers" tab. (This is the tab you clicked on to begin this project)  When you are in this tab, each component of your image is literally seen as a layer.  Think of it as if you were physically collaging this.  You image would be the background, the shape a layer on top of that and then the text is a layer on top of the shape.

When you have a layer (component of your image) selected that is when you can manipulate it.  If you ever get stuck (sometimes when you edit the colours it seems to get to stuck in that screen and you can't get back) click the Layer button.  It's found at the top of the window that you are working in, beside the little eye.

When you are happy with everything and only then, click the check mark in the upper right corner.  Now you can save your image!  I recommend saving it under a new name so that you can keep a copy of the original image - this is a good practice for any photo editing that you do!

So there you have it - adding text and shapes to an image using iPiccy!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask and I'll see if I can help!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with over the coming weeks!  



  1. You're an amazing teacher!! For reals!

    Now.. I use Picmonkey. VERY, very similar. And - mine is mostly free! :) I could pay to upgrade for more bells and whistles if I wanted. Another one I like is beFunky....and that is also free... I believe!

    Love editing tools. LOVE THEM!!!!!

    1. So your saying I at least made SOME sense then??? ;) Good to know! :) I have used PickMonkey in the past but when you had to pay for things I started looking for something else. You are right, there is a number of free options there but for me, they made the ones I used a lot the ones I had to pay for and I just wasn't willing. I'm never heard of beFunky, I will have to check it out!

      I literally LOLed at your last comment! I love photo editing too!! It's a problem!

    2. Kaitlin - I also linked you up to a blogger's group on FB. I thought maybe you be interested in adding this "challenge" on there or at least talking about it. It's a fun, helpful site. Anyway... never know. You might gain a few more participants. If you don't talk about it ... there... I will!!
      I don't want to be the only one on your challenge here. YOU have invested to much thought and energy into this to make it happen. I think it's cool!!

  2. AMAZING! Thanks for tutorial! im using this tools http://macphun.com/intensify to edit my photos, but now im starting to test Ipiccy and its really cools stuff, especially when using another's PC

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