Jul 31, 2015

Steak and Fudgesicles

This combination, of steak and Fudgesicles, came to us the other evening, as a gift, from God.  

Steak is pretty much my all time favourite food. LOVE IT!!  I could go on and on about steak, but we'll just leave it at that!   And well...Fudgesicles... I had seen an amazing deal on frozen treats in the grocery flyer a few weeks back, but the store never got the product in and so since then I have been craving sweet frozen treats!  So the Fudgesicles, they're God's way of saying, "I love you! I may not give you exactly what you want but I hear you, I care about you and so be content in what I give."   

But there is obviously more to the story, now isn't there...


And so here, my friends, is why these gifts arrived, hand delivered to our door.  You see, my sweet hubby lost his job, again.  Yes, three months to the day hired, they let him go.  I've told a few people already and the common response is, "You have to be joking?!!?" Buuut, I'm afraid not friends!  No joke.  

And then everyone wants to know the why...so all I can tell you is that they told my husband that there was a lull in work.  They thanked him for helping them through the busy period but that "his services were  no longer required."   Hubby suspects it is also in conjunction with the fact he never worked the "volunteer" overtime hours offered.  He feels and we feel, that time is more precious then money and family time comes before work.  Dave wants to be present while we raise these little people and feels this is honouring to God as well.

But lulls and speculations aside, we both know this is all the Lord's work.  He has terminated Dave's time at this job and He holds the coming days in His mighty hands.  

No, there were not enough hours for him to be able to receive Employment Insurance.  Which means for my non-Canadian readers, the money that the government often gives to help out while you look for work, is unavailable to us.   So the money we had set aside to pay for wood and oil to heat our home this winter...may have to be put else where....we'll see...one day at a time!

Am I angry? No...a little... and angry is to strong a word...upset?! ...but only at the fact that this job was something my hubby was really, really good at and that he liked a lot!! He didn't even mind the commute to work because he actually enjoyed going!  But the actual job loss, I'm not upset about!  We've been here before, many times....just three months ago in fact, lol!  And I know God provides, I've experienced it too often to really question it.

Our struggle comes in, "What are we to do now? What do you want from us Lord?"  Over the last few months, Hubs and I have basically left our entire lives open to Him.  All of it!  And instead of clear answers, we are dealt more confusion then ever!  It's slightly frustrating....mostly because I want to see the road map before us and God says, "Wait."

If you know me well, then you know how much I "love" to wait! lol!!

So I do, I wait.  And He speaks to me.  No, not with solutions but with love!  I turned in my bible, this morning, to a place I had left my bookmark from the study I had just finished.  My eyes fell on Psalm 143.  It was titled, "A Cry for Help".  As I read though it, especially verses, 5,6 and 8, I found it both echoing and becoming my prayer;

I remember the days of old;
I meditate on all You have done;
I reflect on the work of Your hands.
I spread out my hands to You;
I am like parched land before You.

Let me experience 
Your faithful love in the morning,
for I trust in You.
Reveal to me the way I should go 
because I long for You.

And much of what I could say about waiting and trusting God, I said just a few months ago in this post here, so I leave that there and get back to our steak and Fudgesicles.

For, in the short time Hubby did have at his job, he was able to share the good news of the Gospel with a few people, especially one man who he often worked with.  And no, this story does not end with this man's salvation...not yet any ways...*wink*  but they grew to be good friends.

So, the evening of Dave's termination, as he was putting the kids to bed, a car pulled up to the house; bringing with it, steak, Fudgesicles and friendship.  This co-worker of Dave's, through some conversations he and Dave had had, only the day before, had sleuthed his way to finding out where we lived and wanted to come and bring treats for us and the kids and to properly say, "Goodbye" to his work buddy.  He stayed for a visit and they exchanged contact info and so the work relationship was properly said, 'goodbye' to but the friendship will carry on.  

Just like God will carry us on.  

Though things like steak and Fudgesicles.  Through my hubby's Besty calling and giving him encouragement, support and fellowship.  Through a painting job, rooms not canvas, for me.... 

...and through that ever precious gift of time!

To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every 
purpose under the heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1



  1. And... now... you are encouraging me!! Wow. Yes, I'm one of the ones who has heard about all of this - as soon as it happened. And, I'm so sorry you are walking this again. But...again. You're testimony and example (in the way you're handling this) is incredible.

    GOD has something HUGE for you in this!! I would have no idea...what. But, as I was praying for you yesterday - peace just came over me like no other. James 1:2-16 comes to mind....
    You - already- are exemplifying these verses. And - it challenges me!! This -once more- is part of your faith-story! Amazing!

    1. Yes, I was having to change my plans with you when I heard the news myself! Buuut maybe since he has time off right now...maybe we will come, ALL of us?!!? :D I appreciate your encouragement and prayers!! I'm glad you found encouragement from me too - our hope is to honour Him in all we do!!

  2. Kaitlin, I have often been down the same road as you, But like you said He always provides. I agree with Bevy, Something Huge is coming for you and your family.. I feel it.. I got goosebumps as I read this post, and I will be praying for you and yours... God is Good and he will carry you thru... Thanks for inspiring me today... inspiring to not worry but trust in HIm... you are a blessing and so is BEVY... Bless you both...

    1. Oh and I forgot to say, when I saw the title of the post, my first thought I love fudgesickles I hope its a homemade recipe.. but oh so much better than any frozen treat... Thank you...

    2. Goosebumps?? Really??? Crazy.....our payer is for clarity in what He would like for us to do...(other then trust Him, I KNOW that is ultimate! :) ) Thank you so much for your payers!! And I'm sorry it wasn't a homemade fudgesicle recipe!! lol!! ;) :)

    3. Yes Goosebumps you know when you read something and the hair on your airs stand straight up.. that's what happened to me when you spoke of Dave's friend coming to visit for a proper goodbye.. Crazy? No just heart felt from your words. Will be praying all is good your way. :)

    4. should have said, ARMS not Airs... lol...

  3. Hugs...Praying...The Lord knows and will carry you.

    O Lord, You have searched me and known me.
    You know my sitting down and my rising up;
    You understand my thought afar off.
    You comprehend my path and my lying down,
    And are acquainted with all my ways.
    For there is not a word on my tongue,
    But behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.
    You have hedged me behind and before,
    And laid Your hand upon me.
    Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;
    It is high, I cannot attain it.
    Psalm 139:1-6


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