Jul 22, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday :: Proverbs 3:5-6


This verse, Proverbs 3:5-6, was my friend Grace's favourite...or at least one that spoke to her and that she held important in her life.  So when this was the text prompt for the week, I knew where I had to go to capture my image.  


The sun was setting, as I headed down the road with my camera in hand.  I drove the short distance and pulled the vehicle over as I came across the farmer's gate.  I got out in time to see a flock of wild turkeys run off into the woods.  The gate that stood between me and where I was headed was not the old broken one that I was used to, but a new one that swung easily as I unlatched it.  I opened it just enough to sneak in and swatting at the black fly that darted around my head, I re-latched the gate behind me.  I took a slow look around and let out a sentimental sigh.

The mosquitoes were thick and they were hungry...and I was poorly dressed for this, much to their delight! I headed down the steep lane before me, the trees towering on both sides and the path muddy from the recent rain.  I remembered this trail fondly and I stop for a moment, thinking I hear the waterfall in the distance...only to remind myself, "It only runs for a few days during the Spring thaw."  I hear her say it to me.  

I round the slight bend and the darkness of the woods breaks way as the clearing ahead opens up.  I step out into the setting sunlight and another sigh escapes my lips.  My eyes fall on one of the most beautiful places I have ever traversed.  I look around at the open field, the giant oaks, the distant valley and the rise of trees behind it.  I spot the old foundation that lies in ruins but nods at a day long ago when someone called this place home.  And I look up.  The sky is a soft, pale blue, the sun, dazzling, as it darts between hazy clouds making it's decent to the horizon.  Words fail me, so again, I sigh.

And then the memories flood.  She is with me, we are walking.  Her, with her long and confidant stride and myself, working to keep my short legs caught up, all the while distracted by the scenery around me.  She walks and talks, this is nothing new to her, this land, these sights but to me, it's a piece of Heaven on Earth.  She is puzzled at why I must continuously stop to take pictures and I puzzle at how she cannot.

We are very different, she and I, but somehow we mesh.  He brought us together and He knew what He was doing.  

We walk this field, this path many times over.  We chat, we talk, we ponder and we learn much about each other, our families, our lives, our struggles...we grow as friends.  There is only this one year of walking...there were no others...there was no time....but the memories...they last a lifetime.

I look at the ground and shake my head at the simple, hard truth that these are now memories.  My heart aches and I remember what I came here to do.  Brushing a mosquito off of my arm, I raise my camera and compose my shots.  Between the fly, that never really left and the mosquitoes, I somehow manage to capture a few decent images. 

As I walk back up the slope, through the woods and once again, re-latch the gate behind me, I think of her.  I think of how much I miss her, how much I learned from her and how much this verse will stay with me always...



Next week's text:

"Oh what if I fall?"
"Oh but my darling, 
what if you fly?"
                  - Erin Hanson


  1. This was absolutely positootly beautiful...made me cry. I could picture you and Grace walking together. God has certainly blessed you with a gift for putting words on paper (or key strokes on the computer). Love, MAG

  2. This was such a beautiful post. I have tears in my eyes. I felt as if I were there with you both in the present and the past. You have a talent with words. I would link up with you but don't have a way to add words to my photos. By the way, this is my life verse.

    1. That's great - I'm glad you could feel that you were there!! Thank you for your sweet words, I appreciate the encouragement!!! I made a post here: http://www.homemakerdesign.ca/2015/07/adding-text-to-photo-in-ipiccy-tutorial.html
      It shows you a free way to add text to your images...just in case you'd like to join in!!?! You can link up to each post for one month - then the link ups close - so you'll still have time to put an image to your life verse!! :D I'd love to see what you come up with Kathy!!!

  3. Yes!! Kaitlin - I say amen... to what others have said and agree... there are tears in the eye and a lump in the throat. Very raw and real today... and it's precious. Your memories. Your sharing of them.

    I'm so glad you've captured this moment...beautifully!

    1. Thank you Bevy - it's hard to know how people will receive what one writes, though this just poured out but I'm glad it translated and that many of your could "feel" it! :) I'm happy with how this all worked out, picture and story! Thank you for your continued support in this whole Whimsy thing - you're too cute! If more people join in then great, and if not, well, again, I really enjoy the learning and growth that comes from these exercises!

  4. Replies
    1. HEY!! Nice to see you on here again! It's been a long time since you've said anything here...but then again, same for your own blog! ;) heheheh!! I'm glad you liked my stuff! :P I'd would like to have seen some of your creative ideas on this Whimsy challenge but I know you're probably busy resting up for the newest little on to come! ♥

    2. Hey that's what I was thinking when I saw that you commented on my blog, haha! I just might participate in one of the whimsy Wed yet - I've thought about it both weeks but didn't get around to it! I've been "nesting" quite a bit but don't always take time for creative things!

    3. Uh....not sure if you noticed that lack of blogging on your behalf so thus the lack of ability to comment but you gots MORE then enough opportunity to drop a line here any time! So there! :P Bahaha! ;) Either way, still nice to see you pop your head in (as your mom would say) again here! Nesting but not being creative?!?! Then WHAT are you nesting at???? Other then a pillow...which I have to see yet....one of these days!! OR on your blog??? EH???? Hahahahah!!

    4. No, my nesting has been more like, "I feel like I could go into labor at any time so I need to purge and organize everything and keep the cupboards and fridge stocked and sort baby clothes and get this ready and that and on and on!" lol It's funny because most of these things don't NEED to be done before baby comes but I feel like I can relax better afterwards if they are done! Plus it's good therapy for this antsy-ness in wanting to meet my new babe!


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