Aug 14, 2015

Exploring Christian Theology Volume Two :: Review

I can't say I'm a huge fan of reading theology books but this one was quite good!  This is the second volume, in a three volume set, and it focuses on the theology for creation, the fall and salvation.

The book is useful in many ways and for many people!  It could be used for the new believer, to give a nice over-view of the various doctrines that the church stands on and how they differ from denomination to denomination.  For the seasoned believer it offers insight into the history behind the doctrines, which is an area I found very fascinating, as well as practical and scripture filled ways to implement the various principles.  And for the scholar, this book would make an excellent resource to add to their library!

I greatly enjoyed the format of the text, in that, the book was broken into two sections and those sections broken into many smaller sections.  It helped me focus on the different areas of each, (creation, fall and salvation) and pick up on key ideas, themes, principles, past concepts and where we stand today.

So over-all, if you are looking for a basic but in depth theology book, I highly recommend this one and I think I might even see about adding the other to volumes to our own collection!

I received this book, from the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.  


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