Aug 9, 2015

Patience and His Promises

What do you do, when you are unsure what to do??

That's the question that plagues us as of late...not just on the job front but in many areas of our lives right now.  Much uncertainty and unknowing about the days ahead.

So what do you do?

You hold to what you do know!

For us, we know;

God is good!  Psalm 136:1
God has plans for us.  Jeremiah 29:11
We can trust Him.  Isaiah 26:4
We can focus on today and not worry about tomorrow. Matthew 6:34
His promises are true.  2 Peter 1:4
He loves us!  John 3:16
He will care and provide for us.  Matthew 6:26

That is what each day looks like as of late....mostly! lol!! It's true, we are holding to His word and He is being good and kind to us.

My husband posted an ad online, offering friendly handyman work and has been busy everyday since!  Almost too busy! lol!! It may not last.... but see, there's my lack of trust creeping in! ugh!  For today, for now, it is what we need and that is all we need to focus on.

We are still being open to whatever God may have for us and that does cause some contemplation and thinking about the near-ish future...but again, we have to take everything one day at a time!  If there has been one thing that I am really learning, is that; taking things one day at a time!

It doesn't always come easy, one day at a time, it requires patience...something that God apparently thinks I need a tad bit of work on!   I'm learning patience, I am, some areas I do better then others!  In this, where we are today, it comes and goes.  I want to know what we are to do, where to spend our energy, time and money.  I want to see a glimpse of the future, receive an email with directions or even an audible voice would be nice!

But I know that's not how He works.  I know His promises are laid out in His word and that is where we go, to find comfort, rest, and His very real direction.

And though my patience is stretched, it is strengthened.  Do I always like it? Of course not! Do I complain and whine....too often!   But am I learning, yes, yes I am.  Am I trusting? Most of the time!  Am I grateful! Oh yes!!!

Grateful for His provision, for His care, for His comfort and daily strength!  I am grateful and I praise Him!  For His ways are higher then ours and He knows and holds the future in His hands...our future.

But an email would still be nice!




  1. Kaitlin, will be praying for an email, phone call... prayers will be said....

    1. Hahaha! THANK YOU Connie!!! ♥ That means a lot to me!! :)

    2. I think that came out funny... lol... at first I thought what was funny... but then I re-read my comment... Oh my word... I meant I will be praying that an email, or phone call will come your way... Prayers were said... I give up..... lol

    3. Oh Connie! I'm sorry, it wasn't what you said that was funny, it was aah, just that you're praying for what I asked and most people would say, "That's right, you know His word, take comfort in that" (which is true mind you!) But I like how you got that sometimes a straight up answer is what we (I) want so desperately! It was more of a giggle then laugh! *sigh* OH internet communication! I know what you meant, I was laughing/giggle at the thoughtfulness behind it...that sounds/reads bad, but what you wrote made me happy and so I's what I do! Gee, we just need to get together for coffee, then you'd understand that more I think! ;) Again, I really DO appreciate your prayers!! SOoo very much!!! ♥

    4. No need for sorry... I actually thought good grief... I took it as me telling the lord that you will be praying.. then I prayed... anyway... will continue to pray for God to put his hands on your family, and supply and give you what you need..
      Kaitlin so ya know... I don't do coffee, tea BUT it would be a blessing to visit with you and Mrs. Bevy... and so ya know, I love your humor, I look at your photo with that big smile, and it shows you lovin life... not many can do that... We are good... then I laughed and chuckled myself... laughter so good for the soul....

  2. What a beautiful post. His promises are yes and amen!! They are true. Real. And - we patiently wait for all to be fulfilled. I'm blessed to read that Dave is so busy. That is awesome!! How did you painting job go the other day?

    Enjoy your getaway - but don't use all your $$ up on that - save some of it for coming this way, when it all comes together!!

    And - yes!!!!!!!!!! Connie - Kaitlin - laughs in her words and writings an awful lot. I take her BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA's as huge compliments. She's a giggly gal and it's so fun.
    {{hugs}} to both of you!!

    1. YOU GIrls brighten my days... kinda girls I would fellowship with... yes indeed....

  3. That's awesome that Dave has been getting lots of calls for handyman work!! I'm sure it would be nice to know the long-term plan, but the current provision must be a bit of a relief! Continuing to pray.

    And hey, when/where are you going for a getaway?? :)


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