Aug 12, 2015

Whimsy Wednesday :: If We Wait Until We're Ready


There are times in life where preparation, counting the cost and planning ahead are necessary...but there, I believe, are more times when we should just go for it!  Be it my, (and my hubby's) personality, this is just how I see things.

Often, I think, people use the excuse of, "When I'm ready..."  but as our quote from a couple of weeks back encouraged, this "readiness" may be more fear then need for preparation!  Much in life comes at us unexpectedly and what isn't unexpected, we often have little control about!  

So why wait?  Why wait when your heart is calling?

Yes, I'm sure there can be reasons, as I first stated, but I think we hide behind our excuses too much.  Take my hubby and I, for example.  I think back...and I have realized that it has been over 9 years since we were away alone together!  Nine.Years!  Yes, we did send the kids out of the house, to stay with people, for one night to celebrate our tenth anniversary, but as for going away's been far, far to long!! 

I honestly hadn't thought about it until recently...and honestly, I just do not know where the time has gone!  We're 'so romantic' you'd think this would happen more often.  I mean, there are the date nights at home and we get away for the occasional afternoon or evening but away over night...not since having kids! Wow!!   Soooo, though, Hubby is out of work and in many cases we might not be 'ready' we are going to do it - we are getting away for two whole nights!!!

Are we excited!?!?! What do you think? *wink* lol!!

We could wait, we could count the cost, find a better time, be more "ready", but will more years slip away?? Life is short, I understand that more then I want to and so, before more time is gone - we will embark on our alone together road trip!

Details will remain nil until after the fact - you can all just wait! Muahahah! ;) I write this out, I realize I will be away next week, on said vacation, and will not be able to post for our Whimsy Wednesday challenge....and then, a week or so after that all the kiddos will be heading back to, I think I will post one last quote.  This wraps it up a little sooner then I anticipated but I feel the weeks ahead will be busy and with the over-all lack of participation, this might be the best time to bow out.

So I post our last quote...for now...maybe I will revive this challenge again at a later date - but I post our final quote and I will be back, on the FRIDAY with mine.  I sure had fun and grew some more in creativity and in photography skills!  And I want to thank you all who joined in, supported, encouraged and just enjoyed this challenge!!

Next week's quote:

Don't cry because it's over,
smile because it happened.
                                                    -Dr. Seuss



  1. Good Morning Kaitlin,
    I can so relate to this post.. My kiddos are almost adults now, but it has been years since the hubby and I have had a away vacation alone.. we grab a moment here and there, just like you said... we do lunch, or go to the ice cream shop, but even though my daughter is still at home.. We just haven't went away... Years ago it was fear when they were small, and I have been a parent that just never had a babysitter.. I grew up where that was a BIG no, no unless someone was sick, or work schedules clashed.. but although that was my up-bringing we tried it for one evening for dinner.. JUST him and I.. we had his mom babysit, we planned to be out until 10 p.m. we left around 6 p.m. By 830 pm we were looking at each other and hubby said to me, are you ready to go get them, I smiled really Big just as he did, and we bolted out of the restaurant and went and got our kids... After that we just had them with us... Do I think it is important for Couple time? YES, YES, YES.... and we have even talked about how much we miss US... Years has passed and the time is coming where it will just be US... our kids grown and on their own, so time will be ours... Do I regret not leaving them overnight, NO I can honestly say, I am sure we needed time such as that but I am also so grateful that my hubby and I were always on the same page when it came to this.. So, to sum my comment up, I think it all depends on each couple, whether or not they have someone they can trust with their children. I 100% agree that it is always GREAT to rekindle that Love and Passion that can be between a man and woman... and sometimes it just takes a night away... One thing I do need to say though, is this.. my children love being with us, love traveling with us, and even my son which is married, has already stated that we still have to do family vacations with us all.. I am so thankful that I have nice people as my children... and I of course love my children, BUT I really LIKE them...
    I am super excited for you and your hubby, enjoy this sweet time... you deserve it... Being a parent is a hard job, and its so important to focus on each other too...

    1. Good day Connie! :) I loved your story about the one evening date where you bolted out of the restaurant! lol!! That is super cute!! I can understand in many ways! :) I'm happy, very happy, to hear that you have such a close and loving (and yes, LIKING) relationship with your adult children, that's something I would love to have when mine are grown!! Such a blessing!!

      I just used our, never being 'ready', as an example of something that we have waited too long on - as you said, certainly no regrets about NOT having gotten away before now but more of a, "hey, it's time!! What are we waiting for!?!" The quote is just to encourage in ANY area that people get 'stuck' in because of waiting for "ready" because "ready" often never comes!!

      I love your weighing in on things and always enjoy hearing from you!! Nice to have your friendship here! And yes, if/when we meet, it doesn't have to be over coffee or tea - I'm flexible! ;) lol!!

    2. It would be super cool to meet you and mrs. Bevy... I think we would have laugh and learn so much in that type of fellowship/friendship... I have tried tea, can't do it at all... coffee can't get pass the smell... but you could indulge I wouldn't mind... I am married to a man that loves both... lol.... anyway, I hope you enjoy your getaway... and there is no better time than the present...

  2. Kaitlin- thanks for doing this. I've been having fun... even though (at times) it felt like I was the only one joining in. I'm know there were a few here in there. Mostly in spirit... but, that's okay.

    You have fun now and behave yourselves. Of course, I can't wait to hear all about it - upon your return.

    I've been pondering your post... it's why only a comment just now.


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