Sep 17, 2015

September and the Son

Ack! I haven't posted in a while...and so I figure it best to pop in and say that, I am alive and well and that I'm busy as....I'm just busy!

My oldest two are back in school! The first week and a bit is going very well!  Catherine is in grade one now and Olivia is a year behind her age and so is in grade two this year.  This should be good to both challenge her but not overwhelm her...or so we hope!   Routine is settling in nicely and I'm happy for it....mostly! lol!!  The girls are enjoying their nightly reading homework and doing very well with it!  Crazy, they are no longer in the Kindergarten class! My ladies are so big! *sigh*

Joe hasn't fully adjusted to the lack of siblings to annoy playmates and refuses to play outside without his big sisters!  So he constantly annoys Alice, which results in her screaming, which results in him annoying me....maybe I should have signed him up for pre-school?!?! ;) lol!!

Dave's been busy working, a lot!! He's learning...or trying to learn, the art of scheduling!  It's coming but it's not always easy!  He wants to please everyone but there are only so many hours in a day and days in a week!  He's enjoying his work and that is great!  God is being faithful to provide and so we try to be faithful and trust!

I seem to have no end of projects and things on my to-do list...and so some things have fallen by the way side...*ahem, blogging!!?!*  I feel like, just as I start on one thing, something else is vying for my attention...and the days just speed along like that!  Nothing big, just projects, playing with the two Littles at home here, driving kids to school, visiting, cleaning house, hanging with hubby, Netflix (maybe time to cancel that?! lol!!), some reading (behind on that....see last point), and endless amounts of laundry!

We DID get away to the beach before school started!  It was a perfect day for it!!  And even though it was the long weekend, we practically had the place to ourselves! It was such a sweet, family, fun filled time!!  I'd love to think we will get there once more...but we did say, "Goodbye, until next year!" as we pulled away....

I know it's almost, 'officially', fall but I'm just not feeling it!  Crazy, I know!!  I don't have any desire to let go of summer, I guess?!  I have enjoyed the few cooler days we had and remembered how much I love Fall cooking buuuut then the weather turned hot again and even though the leaves are changing, I just don't feel Fall.  Maybe it will come...and maybe not....maybe I'll just skip Autumn this year and gear up for the Christmas season?!  Last year it was maybe that's just how I roll??

So yes...there you have it, September is in full swing and we're all alive, well and busy...but who isn't this time of year eh?!  That return to routine and schedules and that fresh start of the season, it's a great time of year!  I do hope to be back soon with some book reviews and maybe some project posts?!  But then who knows....

I feel antsy I'm waiting for something...but I don't know what....that's not descriptive, I know, but that's all I have....maybe this feeling will work out for me like the fog that blanketed the world this morning.  It was a mass of white that covered everything, until there was nothing to see, no fields, no trees, nothing but white....I knew...I trusted, that the world was still out there but I could not see it!

And then, the sun, it broke through and lit up the emptiness!  And so..thinking on that idea...I wait on the Son.  In my uneasiness, anxiousness, wonders and impatience, I will wait on Him to shine forth and show us the way!  His light is all we need and when I can 'see' nothing else, I can trust that He is there waiting to shine, at just the right moment!


Praying you all have a blessed and God glorifying weekend!! ♥



  1. Agreed, this month has gone by fast! Even with the lingering heat, I'm still feeling fall....put a few fall decor things out but I would love some crisp air sometime very soon! (And the added bonus of having your wardrobe expand when you can pull out sweaters and such as we always say!) And I hear you on the older toddler annoying the younger thing, or vice versa....although Isaiah has provided some distraction as they both dote over him, mostly without fighting ;) Hopefully Joe and Alice will adjust to the new normal of having each other as playmates, haha! And I can't believe the girls are that old....makes me feel old! Glad you could enjoy a last summery jaunt at the beach! Love you guys!

  2. Ohh... I miss you so much!

    When and while our kiddos are in school - we should be sitting down over coffee or something.

    I just love the ending of your post. The white. Trusting even though you couldn't see. God is so faithful like this!! Isn't He?
    {{hugs}} to you my friend.

    {{big hugs}}

    1. oh and another thing. What came of the photography contest? How did you do?


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