Oct 12, 2015

The Irresistible Community by Bill Donahue :: Review

The Irresistible Community is one of those books you just want to dog-ear, highlight and note take, the whole way through it!  Buuuut, I'm not one of those people....so I just book marked many of my favourite spots...and then decided I should just re-read it again after!  Yes, it was that good!

It was that good in that Mr. Donahue writes all about an area that I think is very much neglected and or missing in many 'churches' today!  The theme of the book is all about building a strong, healthy and biblical community within the church(body).  Using three components of the last supper, the table, the towel and the truth, Donahue builds a convincing and inspiring case about the need of community for believers and what that should look like.

The only thing I did not like about the book was the opening of each chapter, and this is truly just a personal opinion thing.  The author begins each chapter with a short piece written as from a first person perspective of each of the twelve disciples.  He writes well but for me, I'm never a fan of people adding to what we know in scripture about the thoughts and feelings of the people in the Bible.  I chose to not watch movies that portray the same idea, not saying there is anything wrong with it and I know people who greatly enjoy this, but it's not for me.

But honestly that was all I did not like!  I look forward to reading The Irresistible Community again and will maybe break my rule of keeping it pristine and really get into it with highlighters, pen and note book!  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow in a community feel with other believers, to better understand how we should respond, care and act with our brothers and sisters in the Lord and what our calling to our local communities should be as children of God.

I received a copy of this book, from the publisher, in exchange for my unbiased review.



  1. I think I know this author. Personally. I kid you not. I wonder if he's a pastor... at a SGM church. And, of course - there could be Bill Donahue's a dime-a-dozen.

    I want to read this book!!

    1. nope! Scratch that. Don't know him. I just looked it up.

      But, I still want to read this book!! :)

    2. Hahaha! You're cute! It was a great read, I'm sure you'd enjoy it! I know I will read it again!!


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