Dec 13, 2015

I Had A Dream

The other night, I had a dream.


Not out of the usual you say, but for me it was!  Not so much that I dreamt, cause I'm human and dream like the rest of us but what was unusual, was that it stuck clear in my mind and I could vividly remember it!  Now that is uncommon!

Usually sleep is last on my list of things to of the first on the list of things I'd like to do but falls short on the actual making time for it.  So when I do dream I don't remember them.  And so I was reciting this 'stuck in my mind' dream to my hubby and though I abandoned the practice over a decade ago, we felt the need to look up the meanings to this one.

Most of my dream was dominated with birds, three types to be exact.  A giant woodpecker, a large black bird and a hummingbird.  There were also many people in my dream, all familiar to me and soup.....not all sure what that was about but the birds, they just seemed out of the norm for me.  As I said, I don't 'practice' dream interpretation any more, mostly because of the reasons stated above and also because many of my dreams are induced by late night snacking! Ha!  But when I looked into the meanings of these birds and what they were all doing in my dream I knew that there was something to it.  At least what I found, confirmed what I was already feeling in my heart.

The overall meaning I came away with is this;  I am embarking on a new season, a new journey and though I'm ready and willing, I am not yet living up to the potential with in and I am at risk of sabotaging my own efforts.  Kinda crazy but yet, I can see that working in my life.

And well friends....what does this all mean to you?  It means, that as of January 1st, 2016 I will no longer be blogging.

For I have been praying and seeking and wondering for sometime about what to do with my little piece of cyber space. That dream, well, it answered what my heart already knows; that the season for blogging is over for me.  It's slightly heart breaking to write that, to finalize it in words and hitting publish may just cause me to shed a few tears!

What a journey this has been!  I will complete seven blogging years on the first of the new year!  I think I will talk about the journey then but for now, I'm going to focus on the new season ahead.

As some of you may have assumed, yes my job is taking time that I once put into my blog but it's not just my job that is vying for my time these days.  For the past few months I have found new hobbies and interests that I spend my time on.  And I have more that I want to invest in and so something has to give.  These are all good things and I have contemplated changing the focus or style of my blogging to accommodate this new season in my life but I just can seem to fit it in the list of things I need to and want to, do.  And one thing about me, that you may or may not know, is that I'm an "all or nothing" kind of gal!  I'm either all in or out!  And so I contemplated just keeping the blog and jotting down my thoughts now and again but that's not me.  It won't work for me because I'm either on here at least once a week, talking non-sense, sharing family fun or the occasional bout of wisdom or I'm not here at all.

So with that resolve, I know that the end of Homemaker Design is timely.

I chuckle because this feels bigger then it is and yet it is big to me, on some levels...and I want to write out all that I have learned and grown in over these seven years but I will save that for another...maybe my last?! post.

So I will be back, at least one last time, to share thoughts and rambles, those things I'm well known for! lol!  Just be assured that I feel great, amazed really, at where God is leading our family right now!  No, things are certainly not perfect, for example our car just died and no, we have no idea what we are going to do! Like NO, idea! lol!!  But I know He is faithful and we've seen it time and time again.  I know He is faithful to walk me and us through the seasons ahead and I can rest in that.


I had a dream and that was to blog and to grow in the written word.  I've done that and though I would like to say I will continue, I think it's just not the season.  God has laid before me new dreams and I look forward to embarking on them with as much gusto, learning and pure enjoyment that this one has brought me!

With all my love,



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