About Me

Hi, I'm Kaitlin.  But more importantly, I am a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ.  I gained a personal relationship with the Lord in 2003 and from that time on my life found fulfilment and purpose!  I am thankful for Christ's work on the cross so that I can come before our great Creator and live eternally with Him.

Through the grace of God I met and married my husband in 2004 and we have now been blessed with four beautiful children.  My husband and I renovated our first two homes, from top to bottom and after years of praying and waiting on the Lord, we finally made the move to our seven acre 'paradise' in the country.

We hope to leave the world of renovations behind and begin the journey of hobby farming!  We live in Eastern Ontario, Canada - which is a beautiful part of this province! 

I work from home, first as a stay-at-home mom and on occasion as a freelance artist/photographer. 
Along with my art, I enjoy spending time with my family, close friends and pursing any creative endeavour that comes my way!  I delight in second hand stores, bargain hunting, decorating, re-decorating, old architecture, modern design and anything else in between.  I love chatting with people over coffee and my house is rarely void of music, either from the stereo or from my extremely talented guitar playing husband!

Homemaker Design is really me in a nutshell! I love all aspects...except laundry, of homemaking and design is behind all of my creative endeavours!  I think good design is essential to a happy home - and I don't just mean aesthetically! lol!!

Join me on this journey of biblical womanhood, happy homemaking, creative living, Little loving, savvy spending, chatting over coffee, farming fiascos and endless piles of laundry!




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